Monday, February 15, 2016

Consoles’ Controller Layout

On the left is XBOX 360 controller and on the right is Playstation 3 controller (which also known as Dualshock 3 - DS3)
I just wanted to share my gaming experiences. I’ve been playing video games since I was a little kid. But I only became quite a serious gamer in the late 90’s. Yeah of course, that time I’ve grown slightly older so I can understand video game concept and English language a bit better.

At that time, it was the prime time for Sony’s Playstation. Then it continued with its successor, Playstation 2. I did owned both. Well, it was not mine. It was my brothers’ consoles. I just ‘borrowed’ from them. So, I really well conversed and familiar with Playstation’s controller. The shape and layout which is symmetrical is really suites me. The Playstation 2 controller is comfortable for me for most of game genre. Except for the first person shooters (FPS). I never finish any FPS game on Playstation 2. I did try but I just can’t. At that time, I thought that FPS was meant for PC because they got mouse and keyboard which is better for aiming and movement.

During early 2000’s, it was 6th gaming generation which consist Sony Playstation 2, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo GameCube and the last but not least, Sega Dreamcast. Since I was a Sony fanboy, I always looked down to the other consoles especially on Xbox.  When I first saw Xbox controller in magazine or websites, I was disgusted with it layout. It is not symmetrical plus from some reviews, they mentioned that it was too big for Asian hands. My thought at that time was, Microsoft just adjust the controller layout because they don’t want to be accused to copy Playstation if they use the same controller layout.  I didn’t plan to get any Xbox in the future at that time. However I still read news and info about Xbox. It seems that the FPS genre is famous with this console especially on Halo series.

As time passes by, we entered the 7th generation of gaming by the end of 2005. It consists of Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. While it already few years since the 7th generation started, still no one buys for me those consoles. My brothers already got their own family so it seems I need to buy it by myself. As I wait for it is feasible for me to buy Playstation 3, unfortunately it never happened. Playstation 3 original games are still expensive. Hence, it leaves me with one and the only option which is to buy Xbox 360. 360 got ‘cheaper’ game on sales.

I did bought Xbox 360 at the end of year 2008. It hard to believe I’m buying Xbox 360 instead of Playstation 3. However, I need to understand the reality and my own situation at that time. 360 is the one that I can afford in the long run. As I arrived home at that night, at first I can’t accept the Xbox 360 controller because I already familiar with PS controller. After sometimes, I started to embrace it. Later on, I realize that Xbox 360 controller layout is very optimized with human hands. Plus, the button configuration of most game is really really suits the 360 controller. I don’t know how to describe it but for me it was perfect.

Since I started to like Xbox 360 controller, it did affect my preference of game later on. After that, I started to abandon Pro Evolution Soccer series and jump to FIFA. I never have confidence for FPS genre to be played on console. But I tried to play Call of Duty: World at War, and you know what? It was a blast! I previously never enjoyed FPS genre like this. With Xbox 360 controller trigger button look like pistols or rifle trigger as well, it feels like shooting for real. After that, I never looked back for my controller preference. It is Xbox 360 controller that I like most.

It just funny for me, remembering my first impression on the Xbox controller. I was literally disgusted and dejected with its layout (because not symmetry) but eventually it turns out that, I like it so much.

Irony. Haha.