Thursday, March 5, 2009

Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula --- WOW

9.14 A.M. – Monday 2/3/2009 AD

This is the first 3D animated movie from Malaysia. First of all, don’t underestimate the title even it is not so catchy, but since the performance from the production team was so good , no wonder this movie get a positive review from local audiences. Don’t worry, this is the honest one. Not like other articles where they just want to satisfy the local movie scene and then they say the film is good. I admit, this is the third Malaysian movie I watched in cinema and finally this is the most satisfied Malaysian movie I ever watched. Sorry to say, the storyline is good but not the best but it’s ok because it really matched with Malaysian story. My advice to you, don’t ever to compare this one with Finding Nemo or Shrek but if you watched closely, it almost the same with Jimmy Neutron. Of course it is completely same with the Upin & Ipin series. Upin & Ipin was intended to promote the movie and this series only a side mission from Les Copaque but I think it is completely working.

You know, this is my side of story. Even in the first week of this movie opening, I’ve started to persuade my friends to watched, but unfortunately, because mixed feeling about watching Malaysian animation, so many of them refuse to follow. Finally the plan collapse and I really disappointed. Then, one of my friends watched this movie nearby with his home and give really good review. Other female friends also give a good review. On the last Friday morning, I’ve decided to watch it and I don’t care if I have to watch it alone. Then I silently ask my friend and two of them agree to follow. It’s ok even it just three of us. After queuing up to buy the tickets, I looked at the screen and it stated this movie for night show has already sold out. And I don’t know whether this evening show is available or not. Maybe it is destined for us; there are three seats at the back, not at the front just nice for three of us. Then, after we bought the tickets, that evening show is completely sold out. Can you imagine, for a Malaysian movie in its third week already sold out. According from my friend, the tickets show for Geng was sold out during the weekend and this is happen at Geng only, not Street Fighter, Benjamin Button, Rasukan Ablasa and other else. This is a good sign and I hope it will open up the Malaysian eyes and minds to the appreciation of animation and anti-piracy. But, what happen to my friends who arrogantly refuse to follow me? It’s funny. I returned home with satisfaction and I with my friends told them our experiences and how the movie was. Then I showed them the trailers, sneak peek and also The making of… through Youtube to them and what, they also wanted to watch it, but it’s too late. Sorry guys, I won’t conduct any movie going after this if I don’t really want to watch it. Haha.

And this is good news to Kak Ju, do you remember our discussion about making an adventure script. And there was none in Malaysia has done the adventure film? Happy to say, this is the adventure film. You will smile because finally it’s here, A Malaysian Adventure Movies. Only it is in 3D animation form. Layered with Malaysian scene of joke, the older audiences will laugh from their heart and children will be happy of the cuteness and International will amazed the harmony because of different race and religion. I strongly recommended all of you try to watch this movie because it worth it. Honestly I will give 4.5/5 to this movie and it’s mean this movie must be watched at the cinema. Good luck Les’ Copaque, all of you have done well.