Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Other Perspective Of… Avatar

Okay, I’m not going to tell you about the storyline. This is too late for storyline review however I will touch a bit about it. Well it is almost one year since the initial release of Avatar. It makes history by beating Titanic as the highest grossing movie ever with over $2 billion dollar mark. And why should I write about this now? Well, at MBO they already advertise about the showing for Avatar for the second time in 3D. However this act is international as James Cameron the director has made re-release for this movie. For me, this is my second chance to re-live my ambition to watch Avatar in 3D and I’m not going to miss it.

I felt sorry however since the release date is in Ramadhan and due to the short time screening, I have to go nevertheless. Plus I go there alone and in the end I found out that only 7 people are sharing the same hall with me. I hope there will be no issue about watching at cinema during such time. Yes, I have watched it twice already but both of them were in normal screening. At that time, MBO Galaxy Ampang did not offer the screening in 3D yet. And now they started to provide this service and I couldn’t think twice anymore. I’m observing the techniques. Not just for the enjoyment only. I have watched 2 3D movies but they did not reach my expectation.

It goes the same with Avatar, yes. Maybe my expectation is too high. It is crazy enough with thinking that I’m watching the movie in hologram. As you know, Avatar is the greatest 3D movie ever made since today. Then I’m satisfied with the performance. With the highest benchmark ever made by Avatar, it is ridiculous for me to not satisfy with it. As short as I can tell you, it is a great experience sitting there and watching Avatar.

Okay, the situation here is if you not use the 3D glasses, you will see blurry image on the screen. With my two experiences watching Toy Story 3 and The Last Airbender, they blurred the entire image on the screen. But it is not with Avatar. Let say in one shot of Jake Sulley (protagonist) at the beginning of the movie, he is in his compound with an eye drop floating all over the place, right? I put off my glasses for a while and the blurry image is only at the drop of water. Not at the all image of that shot. I think with this technique it improves a lot of 3D-ness of the movie. I still observe for another part of the movie and it still the same. Some part blurred and some part is just clear as normal viewing. Thus I think that is why Avatar is really performed in 3D viewing.

If you can remember, immediately after Jake Sulley controlling his Avatar he ran away from the lab as he got excited with his leg (Jake is paralyzed). As the slow motion of the scene the camera is focusing at his feet with the soil is spattered with the reaction of his feet. The soil seems going out from the screen towards the viewer and this really excites me. About the camera technique, scene transition and several others are specially made for this kind of viewing. The messiness in the screens added up the 3D feeling like the leaves of trees, the chaos, and movement of particles will give great feeling to the viewers.

This screening also added some scenes that originally taken out from the normal screening. Like, they visited the Dr. Augustine English school, the scene how the Na’vi hunting, the scene where the Na’vi starts attacking the human first, and so many more. Directly after the human started the fire on their hometree, the burns, the falling leaves, the falling trunk of trees felt so real and I couldn’t tell how it like. The holy seed, as you know the white seed is always floating around, right? Yes of course, the 3D-ness also being shown right here.

Well, it was my 3rd time watching this movie and I did not feel bored with doing so. James Cameron has pulling out the real potential of 3D movie. That means not every 3D movie offering is a good 3D movie. Maybe our luck does not with us from the past 2 movies we have watched but I believed there might be some others that pulling out the 3D performances on the screen like Clash of the Titans, Despicable Me, Alice in Wonderland and few others. The real disappointment for me is The Last Airbender. Sorry to say about its 3D showing.

I agree with another review that if we did not watch it in 3D, we are not watching it as the movie director wanted us to. The Avatar 3D showing puts out the live-ness of the great movie and I do enjoy it very much. Now, I have taken my 2nd chance in my life. I feel relieved I can grab this chance. At first I thought that I will never watch it in 3D. Now I’m honored being part of the people who watch this movie in 3D.

p/s: This is my first time I made two review on one movie.
Note: James Cameron said that the cost for 1 minute of Avatar extended scenes is more than $1 Million.



Recently I watched a video clip posted by my friends out there in the facebook. I didn’t know how to upload the video in this blog but here is the link. It is about a lion named Christian. His story was, he was sold as a cub in 1969 to John Rendall and Ace Berg as they felt sorry for the cub. Later they bought Christian and raised him like a pet at the nearby church as Christian was growing very fast. From small cub to the teenage lion, the cost also increasing to keep him under their supervision. They play together like men and dogs or men and cats, like usual but the only thing is Christian was a lion.

Until they reach at one point that they realized it is too difficult to keep Christian. They have decided to release him to the wild as where he belong. Then they sent Christian to Kenya, Africa under the supervision of George Adamson, a Kenyan conservationist. However Adamson couldn’t watch him closely as it is supposed to let him be free in the wildlife. Adamson can only manage to deliver Christian back to the wild.

In 1971, Rendall and Berg wanted to visit Christian in Kenya. However Adamson has advised them to cancel their plan as Christian was then became the head of his pride which means he was totally wild. Undaunted, they went anyway. After hours searching for the pride, finally three of them found a place of the pride. A male lion came closer slowly as he wanted to take a look real close. Meanwhile Rendall and Berg have already smiled as they know this was Christian. At the sudden, the lion rushed to him and it was definitely Christian. Christian rush towards them and suddenly jump over one of them and hugged them like a friends that has been parted for a long time. Christian remembers his long time friends, Rendall and Berg. He even introduced them to his wife, another wild female lion. This clip has touched me very deep as I wanted to remember whether I have such close relationship with pets, or animals.

Then rewind back 12 years earlier, as I can remember I took a cat mother that being left out at my neighbor house. My real intention was to keep her kittens which were so cute and I named her Kulai, my favorite and Kutai her siblings. These names were synchronization of cat (kucing) and lion and also cat (kucing) and tiger. I do love Kulai more (even today) however she being stolen by my neighboring friends. She managed to come back to my house with the help of my friends. My cries dried as I met her again.

As she grows up, she became pregnant and I would soon receive a new set of kittens. I let her deliver her babies in our store room. So there she was giving birth in the early morning. Meanwhile for me, I played a computer game in our living room. Suddenly Kulai come from my back and start meowing uncontrolled. I don’t know what she wanted. So I stood up and she also started to walk. I follow her until we reached the store room. I thought she wanted to show me that she have babies right now. So I congratulated her and I went back to play my computer game. Suddenly she came back and continued her meowing again and again. I ask her what she wanted and I already know that she has given birth to her kittens. So I stood up again and she also going back to the store room. So I reached the store and I take a real close look to her babies. Only then I realized one of them couldn’t make it to live for another day. So I know now why she meowing all over the time.

I took the unfortunate kitten to bury him, or her as I don’t know what its gender. Sometime later I finished bury the kitten however I feel sad for Kulai. She watched me during the process and maybe she thought I’m doing some kind of weird thing to her kid. Later Kulai searched for the spot of the kitten grave and meowing all over again. I don’t know what to do. Maybe she doesn’t realize that the kitten was dead. I just comfort her with saying that her kid has gone and never come back. I do know she couldn’t understand my words however deep in my heart I hope that spiritual linkage between me and her can make her understand the situation.

Years passed by and she became pregnant again. At this point, our relationship was not too close as before. This is because I went to the hostel and I couldn’t take a close watch with her. It’s like I set her free with her own life. Only once a month, I can return to watch her. One day, I take a walk in front of the mosque located in front of my house. I heard meow sound from far away. I don’t know where the sound came from. Later I take a look around and I couldn’t see any cat nearby. Suddenly I watched up above the mosque minaret. Ya Allah! It was Kulai at the window of the minaret. How can you reached up there?

I’m shivering as I knowing the situation. I rushed into the mosque and searching for Siak (mosque keeper, cleaner). I explained the situation to him, there is a cat up there in the minaret. The Siak then told me she has given birth at the basement of the minaret. Maybe she wanted to search for safer place for her kittens. I don’t know whether she doing this because the memory she has with me, burying her own kid in front of her eyes. Then the Siak showed me the kittens. There is a ladder, 90 degree ladder and until today, I’m still wondering how can Kulai climbed 3 levels higher with this type of ladder.

Nevertheless, I climbed level by level. This is unique. The ladder is placed at different side in each level. That means the ladder is not continuous from ground level to the uppermost level of the minaret. So I reached the level where Kulai was stuck. I took her and she was afraid to go down the minaret. I hold half the height of the ladder and I have to throw her down at the floor of each level. She was too afraid and I couldn’t control her. I did this bit by bit and finally I managed to bring her down from being stuck up there. Later the Siak asked me to keep the kittens. Too bad, my father would not want another cat as no one can take care of these cats. I’m not staying in our house anymore. Sometimes only.

I took a box and fill in the kittens. Later Kulai followed me as she knows I’m bringing along her babies. Then I put them at the corner of my house. Then I feed her. I know, she might stuck up there for a day or two. I heard her voice since yesterday but I did not know it was her. She might be hungry and thirsty right now. Then I feel relieved for this as I have saved Kulai from unwanted things. I really don’t want that thing happened to her. Alhamdulillah.

Well, my memories stuck there. That is far as I can remember the time being with her. She is so cute with beautiful fur and thick fur like a lion. I’m so jealous with our neighbor’s cat. That cat is still surviving until now after 10 years living with the family. I’m sorry to say, I’m not a good pet keeper. They can only survived for 4 to 5 years under my supervision. Still, my love cannot be compared and I don’t know how to measure it. Maybe for others, I am crazy and weird but this is the gift from Allah to me, to love cats and animals so much as no one can imagine what I will do for them.

Well, back to the video, they really ignited me with the memory of my pets. That’s why I’m touched with that clip. I don’t know when I can seriously keeping a cat. Everyone surrounds me does not like cat very much with their shit, pee, behavior, and mischievous thing that they will do. Hurm, I feel I’m weird because I don’t have a pet right now. The conclusion is, for me being without pet… it is not real me that you’re seeing. Thank you.

Source from Wikipedia: Christian The Lion

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

200 Dan Lagi

Lebih 200 Dah? Tak sangka sudah melebihi 200 entri. Namun bukanlah perkara mengejutkan sangat. Saya dibantu dengan lebih kurang 44 entri hanya berkisarkan praktikal saja. Tidak terlepas satu hari pun untuk dibincangkan ketika praktikal tempoh hari. Tidak tahu mengapa namun segalanya telah membuatkan entri blog ini melebihi 200. Pada jangkaan awal rasanya tahap ini sukar dikecapi melainkan banyak menaip sekurang-kurangnya hingga ke hujung tahun 2010.

Saya tahu entri yang bermakna tinggi sudah kurang dan lebih kepada kepelbagaian. Saya cuba merasa pelbagai cara untuk menulis walaupun tidak ada satu mekanisma yang tetap. Mungkin terikut dengan cara penulisan rakan yang lebih ringkas cuma pada kebiasaannya penulisan begini hanyalah berkisarkan perihal harian mereka. Ada juga rakan yang membincangkan isu yang lebih berat namun segalanya seperti automatik dimana pengisian yang berat menggunakan penulisan yang lebih rasmi.

Namun saya tak berasa begitu cocok dengan perihal penulisan ini. Namun saya masih menulis kerana saya tahu apa terjadi jika saya berhenti menulis. Jadi, molek juga dibandingkan dengan apa yang dah tertulis untuk entri yang ke-100 tempoh hari. Ketika itu saya cuba mengagak apa yang bakal berlaku untuk tahun 2010. Dan hampir segala yang dijangka sudah pun berlaku. Alhamdulillah. Ada juga yang masih menanti giliran. Tapi untuk merangkumkan segalanya di penghujung Ogos agak janggal. Jadi lebih baik hujung tahun dinanti. InsyaAllah.

Jadi, maafkanlah diri kerana jarang menulis sementara waktu ini. Cuma kadang-kadang terlintas untuk menghasilkan cerpen-cerpen bersiri kerana idea sudah ada. InsyaAllah dengan adanya azam akan diteruskan juga usaha untuk melatih diri menulis sedikit demi sedikit. Terasa iri hati dengan mereka yang dapat menulis dengan cermat dan cantik dari segi sastera dan mudah difahami orang lain. Namun segala yang hebat, keluar dari orang yang hebat, bukanlah secara semula jadi. Mereka telah melalui beribu-ribu jam yang getir, lelah dan penat untuk mencapai ke tahap itu. Tiada kemahiran yang boleh diperoleh hanya dengan menggoyangkan kaki. Sekian dulu intersesi, salam.


Not Specified

*Erm, kalau orang mintak password komputer tu, so apa gunanya password tu ek? Got any idea what the use of that password if someone asked about it?

*After the real relationship between each person in the house has been valuated, the picture become much clearer. He said “If we stay here for another year, it will be a chaos. We couldn’t make it for even 3 months to be together”.

*FYP 2 di waktu kemuncaknya. Tak disangka kemuncaknya dikala pertengahan Ramadhan. Walaupun kering tekak dirasa, kurang sedikit tenaga namun dipapahkan jua tenaga untuk meneruskan kajian. Debu-debu kering tanah bertebaran keatas di dalam makmal. Tekak kering terasa lebih kering dek debu. Pelbagai gaya dapat dilihat. Mencangkung, menumbuk tanah, menulis, menghentak dan pelbagai lagi. Tapi jangan lupa, ini baru tanah.

*”Jom Drive Thru” aku mengajak melawak dikala tengah hari Ramadhan. “Jom, aku on je” dia balas. Tapi tak tau la dia tu balas melawak ataupun serius. Hurm.

*Peter Answers telah mencetuskan fenomena di dalam kelas. Di mana Peter telah menjawab dengan tepat segala soalan yang diajukan walaupun ianya real time. Aku, paling teruja. Wowwy.

*Shear Box test, test yang paling kurang accuracy dan lama untuk dilaksanakan. “Kesabaran adalah asas segalanya, lebih-lebih lagi yang ini” kataku pada bayangan ku di cermin makmal Advance Soil Laboratory.

*”Kita tarawikh sekali ke ni?” tanya S lepas kami solat Isyak berjemaah beramai-ramai di ruang tamu. “Yalah, buat apa nak berhenti. Baik kita teruskan” jawab aku. “Erm, ada siapa yang tahu ke zikir-zikir antara 2 rakaat tu?” tanya A. Lantas S naik ke tingkat atas dan turun kembali dengan buku panduan zikir untuk tarawikh. Diimamkan Y dan peranan Bilal diambil oleh B, terkial-kial nak selak muka surat untuk berzikir. Sedang hendak bersedia untuk mengangkat takbir, A pun berkata “Jahil sungguh kita ni”.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Trip Ke Pulau Pangkor

Dah lama sangat tak ke pantai. Apatah lagi ke pulau. Last sekali pergi dekat-dekat area pantai pun tahun 2006, family day. Tapi tak mandi laut pun. Just mandi-manda melayan anak sedara kat swimming pool. Tambahan pulak perkara-perkara yang tak best terjadi seminggu sebelum trip Pangkor ni, maka jadilah hati ni tak sabar-sabar nak pergi bercuti. Aku ni pulak jenis tak suka ke pantai sangat. Entahlah apa jadi kali ni, mungkin sebab Kak Ju dah pergi Langkawi dan cerita pasal snorkeling, tu yang tak sabar sangat tu kot.

Biasalah, benda-benda gini banyak halangan. Banyak atur rancangan terpaksa diubah-ubah. Dari plan A, jadi plan B. Tak lama lepas tu jadi plan C. Ni semua sebab kursus Esteem yang tetiba je nak dilaksanakan. Namun, takdir tetap menyebelahi kami. Plan A dapat dilaksanakan dengan sedikit penambahbaikan, iaitu mengawalkan waktu bertolak. Dari pukul 11.00 pagi ke 8.30 pagi. Biasalah kan, janji budak-budak muda ni bukan boleh pakai sangat pun.

Yeah, harinya sudah tiba. Bukan main awal bangun tidur. Aok dengan Syuk dah lama siap dan aku je terhegeh-hegeh nak mandi, nak siap-siap pakai baju. Naseb baik dah packing awal-awal lagi dari semalam. Tulah, nak packing tetiba plan tengok The Last Airbender muncul. Join aje dan terpaksa berjaga lewat malam nak packing. No Hal la. Benda seronok-seronok ni dah la sekali sekala je dapat join. Kalau tengok blog aku punya entry list pun boleh nampak berapa banyak sangat la benda seronok yang aku buat. Janji melayu tetap kami pegang dengan baik. Satu kereta dipandu Mat Leh dan co-pilot nya aku dan dibelakang Auk, Syuk dan Rozaiman berjaya sampai di rendezvous point tepat pada masanya. Pukul 8.30 walaupun 8.30 tu adalah waktu bertolak. So kami anytime je kalau nak bertolak. Malangnya, kami adalah kereta kedua yang sampai ke rendezvous point tu. Adoi, nak kena tunggu lagi 5 kereta.

Tunggu punya tunggu, dapat breakfast free dari geng-geng kereta Azrul iaitu Siti, Yati, Emi dan Shima. Thank you guys. Dapat jugak lapik perut dari kelaparan untuk perjalanan yang dijangka ambil masa 3 jam (masa perjalanan bukan konvoi). Sambil makan-makan, sebuah-sebuah kereta sampai. Kereta terakhir pun sampai tepat pada masanya janji melayu, pukul 9.30. Okeh, kami pun bertolak dengan penuh girangnya dengan Marshall konvoi adalah Auk. Kereta Qus jadi leader sebab ada Yob orang Perak dan kereta kami menjadi Sweeper sebab ada Auk sebagai marshall. Kereta kami di belakang sekali untuk memerhatikan pergerakan 6 kereta yang lain. Amacam formation kitorang?

Dahsat jugak perjalanan konvoi. Expect masa ambil dalam 3 jam je, tapi berlanjutan sampai 5 jam. Tak tahan la kalau gini. Tapi kitorang dapat jugak singgah kat Bukit Melawati. Last sekali pergi masa kecik dulu. Tak dapat ingat sangat dah tapi memang pernah pergi sini sekali dulu. Kemudian kami teruskan pergerakan dan akhirnya sampai di Lumut lebih kurang pukul 3 petang. Dapat tiket dari program leader iaitu Mila untuk menaiki feri, dan apa lagi naik feri la kitorang. Mula-mula macam nak mabuk laut. Tapi okaylah, momantai. Excited-excited. Lepak belakang feri sambil menikmati angin dan udara laut. Mengerbang rambut tak terkawal. Tapi benda ni la kena feel sesangat. Bila lagi nak dapat rasa gini. Zaman belajar pun dah nak abis.

Sampai resort, dalam pukul 5 dan kami pun setelkan lah solat-solat semua dan tukar terus attire mandi. Turun ke pantai, alamak ada construction plak. Kacau betul la. Apesal la masa kitorang nak bercuti ni derang wat construction. Tapi bukan tutup terus pun pantai tu. Ingat semua orang nak gi mandi, last-last aku, man, syuk, shima dan yati je ke pantai. Aku dah tak peduli apa lagi. Pergi terjun terus ke dalam laut tu. Dahsat la sini, pantai terus dalam. Tak macam pantai-pantai yang aku pernah pergi dulu. Ombak pulak kuat sangat. Kompem tak seswai nak suggest kat family untuk pergi sini. Aku pun layan la sensorang mandi. Ditarik kedepan, kebelakang oleh ombak yang kuat dan training control badan dalam air paras-paras leher. Last-last, derang yang kat atas tu dah setel makan agaknya, barulah join mandi dan men bola pantai. Sampai pukul 7, ada la sorang tu kata suruh naik, pasal esok ada lagi. Uish, tak berlapik sungguh kata-katamu itu. Kan dah hujan pagi sabtu tu. Huuuu….

Malam ada barbeque yang sudah disediakan. Tinggal makan sampai kembung perut macam ikan kembung yang dipanggang tu. Kemudian kami ada program bersuka ria di rancang oleh Auk dan Mat Leh. Alah, main game macam dalam siri Spontan tu je. Tapi seronok jugak. Ternyata game-game tu bukan mudah untuk dimainkan sepertimana kita lihat Afdlin Syauqi, Zizan, Arwah Din Beramboi dan lain-lain. Main bersama-sama rakan lebih seronok dan ketawa tak ingat. Jap, tempat yang kitorang wat program ni macam lantai, tapi gelap sangat. So kami beli lilin. Ketua kami suruh baca doa sebelum mulakan aktiviti, maklumlah pinjam tempat orang yang kita tak tau apa jenis tempat. Kami pun tadah tangan dihadapan lilin-lilin yang disediakan untuk setiap group. Tak semena-mena ada mat saleh dengan awek beliau lalu tempat kami. Aweknya berhenti melihatkan kami membaca doa dihadapan lilin. Sudah, abeslah kami dituduh buat ajaran sesat la nanti. Ampunkan kami. Kami hanya membaca doa untuk perlindungan. Yang tak tahannya tu, awek tu tak nak pulak pergi dari tempat tu walaupun kami dah abis baca doa. Lantaklah dengan dia, nak tengok kitorang tengoklah.

Erm, aktiviti tu dihabisi dengan sedikit kontroversi dan terpaksa dihentikan lebih awal sebab hujan turun dengan tiba-tiba. Lebat pulak tu. Kami lari balik ke resort dan budak kat bilik aku sambung main kad. Aku dah tak larat, pergi tidur terus. Terbangun pukul 4.30 sebab nak solat. Nasib baik bangun, kalau tak burn gitu je. Nak bangun pagi punya la berat, maklumlah ada air-con. Plus ada bunyi hujan kat luar. Sedih la rasanya tak dapat nak bantai laut puas-puas. Sementara tunggu hujan totally berenti, aku memberi burung enggang makan. Yay, dapat buat satu aktiviti baru. Hujan berenti, Qayyum a.k.a. papa mengutip duit untuk snorkeling. Ini yang aku nantikan sangat.

Then kami pun pergi bersnorkeling. Aku tak tau nak taip macam mana kat sini. Aku suka sangat snorkeling. Yang aku bengang, aku tak bawak roti nak beri ikan-ikan tu makan. Menyesal tak ingat. Dah la dah dapat kontrol badan untuk terapung, maneuver, dan bergerak sekeliling. Siap sampai ke boundary line lagi. Tapi tak dapat enjoy sangat tengok-tengok ikan tu. Tapi untuk nasihat orang lain, tak payah la pergi jauh-jauh bukan ada ikan sangat pun kat sana. Satu lagi dah la jauh, nanti nak patah balik jadi sangat letih. Erm, bestnya la snorkeling. Nak pergi lagi la rasanya. Nak pergi Langkawi pulak la kalau ada rezeki, pastu Perhentian then Tioman. Final plak kat Sipadan. Huish, macam dah terer sangat berenang dah aku ni.

Kami kemudian dipaksa naik untuk check out sebelum pukul 12. Erm, secara ringkasnya aku dapat berkubang dalam air laut hanyalah ±6 jam saja. Untuk trip yang ambil masa 2 hari, aku rasa 6 jam tu amat sikit. Nak buat camna, ada orang cakap tak berlapik then hujan di pagi hari. Satu ujian dan rasanya kalau nak lagi bolehlah pergi sendiri. Kami naik pulang ke resort dan terpaksa bersiap dalam berkadar segera sebab jam dah pukul 12. Siap-siap, kami makan tengah hari then naik van teksi mereka untuk jalan-jalan keliling pulau. Beli sikit-sikit barang makanan dan melihat pelbagai rahsia pulau tu. Sampai petang mood dah hampir bertukar jadi tak best sebab dah penat sangat berjalan dan keadaan yang agak panas.

Lebih kurang pukul 5 petang, kami dah sampai jeti Pangkor. Solat dan kami pun bertolak pulang dalam keadaan tak puas lagi. Huuuu… Walaubagaimanapun, Alhamdulillah. Cukuplah sekadar itu dan performance belajar kenalah naik lepas dapat enjoyment yang sikit ni. Kami pun bertolak pulang ke Shah Alam sambil singgah minum di kedai karaoke untuk minum-minum perasmian penutup trip ni. Sekian. Trip Pangkor ni, bagi aku, paling best yang pernah aku join selama ni dalam erti kata pergi bercuti dengan kawan-kawan.

Allahumma Yassir, Wa La Tu’assir, Rabbi Tammim Bil Khair.


Thursday, August 5, 2010


We also have Business subject for this semester. Just like Entrepreneurship (ETR) during our diploma in 2008. However the scope has been scaled down to only for civil engineering related business. We already ahead from our lecturer order. We discussed about the possible businesses to be presented for this subject. Yes, we have shortlisted 3 businesses out of 12 from our first brain storm session. Since our lecturer didn’t order anything to us, so we just to wait for time come.

We have to ensure several issues such as the business suitability, capital, and few other aspects. The time come and all of our 3 businesses can be done and the only issue is the capital is unlimited. However we have to justify the source for our capital. So that is our limitation for now. We realize that we have to know how much we can borrow from bank. I contacted my relatives that working in financial organization and the outcome is not good. The information is so scarce and we cannot get the correct view of the loan process.

I know I’m playing the General Manager role for this business. So I have to do many public relations activity including gathering the information about loan process. No matter how good that person in communication, he or she have to well prepared or naturally good charm to go through such circumstance. Unlucky for me, the financial department might be worried as we cannot proceed with our business plan if we cannot determine our limit capital. He suddenly asked us to go to the bank today and ask about the loan. For me, I wanted to wait for my brother as he is asking her wife about the process since her wife is working at a bank.

This unfortunate event just happened. I am not prepared and we boldly entered the bank. We stand about 2 minutes at the entrance and figuring out something. The financial person in our group stressed out “We need the GM play his role right now” without pointing at me directly. I understand the situation however I have to think first. What should I say and how to do it properly. Well with some courage we just go to the second floor for the loan office.

Alhamdulillah, someone asked about our intention of being there. Since she has started the conversation so it was easier for me to burst out all the questions in my head. However she was busy at that time and passed us to Mr. Iskandar. Well, Mr. Iskandar is kind and nice. He treated us like a friend of him. I asked every single thing in my mind. Well, I’m going to correct my Nawaitu (intention). I’m not doing this just for Business subject. I’m doing this for my early preparation. Who knows, someday I have to this for real purpose. To found a real company.

Throughout the interview process, I suddenly remember the character in ‘Yes Man’ movie. It was starred by Jim Carrey who plays as an officer for loan in a bank. Mr. Iskandar might be the same person who will allow any loan application from public. Again, we have gain real experience from real bank and with proper training and experiences in the near future, I’m might be able to open up a company. Some disappointment for me, the Financial person from our group supposed to ask a lot of questions to Mr. Iskandar. He asked me to play my role but he never plays his. There were no one from other 3 persons backed me up during that session. 4 brains and minds supposed to have many questions and just from my mind only, it limit our knowledge and view.

However our bold move has given us a step forward in our progress for this subject. If this event has not occurred, we will stay here forever. Allamdulillah again and again. Thank you for you guys who still showing up to give me strength from the inside.

p/s: And again I’m proud of being a video game person. I know the ‘Assembly Line’ term. It is for production term especially for factories. I’ve known the ‘Assembly Line’ term from Civilization game. As it is one of the technology need to be researched. And who said video games are useless? Huh???

Allahumma Yassir, Wa La Tu’assir. Rabbi Tammim Bil Khair.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Integrated Design Project a.k.a. IDP

This is a crucial subject. It bears 4 credit hours and that’s means it is very heavy. Now, we are already in week 5 and it is proven to be heavy. With the first week was burned, we have to pushed everything in limited time. This is actually a subject that trains us to be the actual engineer. Now and only I have realized how to work as engineer.

We are glad to have Aok as our leader. He was trained in a consultant firm and has great basis in design. I feel like an idiot for this subject. Just be able to handle simple task and under the order of our leader. I hope I did not disappoint him too much. I tried my best even though my ability couldn’t match him. Started with Esteem, continue with manual design and many others await us. Only now I found out the tight relation between Architects and Design Engineers.

Just now, we were having a talk with an experienced Architect. In the class, we might be angry with the architect. Why they create such a complicated and complex building? It is hard for us to determine the right spot for beams, columns and footings. We were so angry. And that is the first fact that I found out. Engineers (young engineers) will be angry with a complex design of a building. In fact, it is actually a challenge for the engineers to materialize the vision from the architects.

Why did the Architects create such complex layout and building design? From the talk I again realize that they have to satisfy the needs of the client. Even for me, if I am one of the clients, I would like to have such complicated and futuristic building. Then the one who suffers would be Engineers. However actually the Architects have already going through such difficulties as they have to create something that can satisfy their client. Then it goes to the engineers to materialize it. If the engineers are not competent enough to do that, the architect firm might search somewhere else. They will eventually find someone who can take that challenge and realizing the imagination of the architects.

The point is, engineer doesn’t have to possess a wonderful imagination. Still imagination and creativity is still important. However they can only uses it in creating the appropriate method to solve the problem of the design from the architect. In the end, who will the public admires? The answer is the architect. Generally they will appreciate the architect like C├ęsar Pelli and Djay Cerico for Petronas Twin Tower. However who will appreciate the seven years of hard works? Seven years of designing the key plan, the design of the beams, columns, slabs and everything that can make the Petronas Twin Tower is possible to be built.

Well, that is for mega project. For our situation right now is an L shape hostel with seven floors. With six varieties of floors make it even harder to design. In actual case our boss might order us to finish the key plan and structure design in a week or even a few days. Since we are learning and we have so many other obligations like final year project, business and others; it makes us impossible to finish it in short time. At least this subject has opened us towards the meaning of being an engineer. Better to be difficult at first, rather than later (susah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian).

From the combine experiences at site training with contractor and combined with IDP, it gives me a wide view that I never realize before. Contractors will condemn the consultant, consultant will condemn the architect, and architect is the boss before the client. If everybody does not agree in a single problem solution and couldn’t come out with economic and safe design, all of us (architect, consultant and contractor) will be condemned by the client. Finally, apart from the importance of knowledge, the communication is also important. Engineers have to help architect in materializing the building and engineers have to suggest a workable construction method to the contractor. In the end, everyone can be happy with the outcome.

This is like a prologue for my IDP journey. There will be so many to tell about this later. So far, okay. Just too many outstanding works in my part. I will try harder to finish everything. Sorry boss.

Allahumma Yassir, Wa La Tu’assir. Rabbi Tammim Bil Khair.


Monday, August 2, 2010

Despicable Me: So Hilarious

I seldom going out with my friends to watch movies. Usually I will watch with my sister. Well this unplanned event happened yesterday for three of us. With one of our friend try a market testing, to ensure there is an interest among us for a movie outing. Yes, his plan worked. First he asked for Salt, no one responded. Then he asked for Despicable Me, and I immediately responded to him. Later I asked other one and he also wanted to watch it. So there were three of us, go to Bukit Raja and hoping the late show for Despicable Me will make us easier to buy tickets.

Gru, the main character.

Going into the story, we are expecting a light movie with a lot of funny scenes. We are not disappointed. We are really satisfied with the whole movie. The story generally about Gru the main protagonist as a supervillain. The counter character is Vector (a mathematical term), who is his rival in evil world. And there are three little orphan girl which are Margo, Edith and Agnes. I like Agnes because she is very cute. So cute and I couldn’t forget her face until now. Even though she is cute, you will not expecting what her character will be at some points in the movie. Especially at the fun fair. Just wait for it until you watch it. Mark my word. Plus for cuteness, there are also minions who serve as workers for Gru. These workers also cute and uses incomprehensible language.

Generally, I think this is a very hilarious movie. Since I laugh a lot if I watched movie with my friends, I’m not sure whether it is also a contributing factor. But still I believe this is a hilarious movie. Why it is so funny? I think there are so many unexpected events in the movie. Plus, you must have a good English, don’t rely much with the subtitles in Malay. Sometimes the jokes need us to understand it in English term. In emotion subject, I won’t buy it and I’m glad it goes that way. I will deeply touched if a story disturbs my emotion. I don’t want that like in Doraemon movies. In conclusion, if I want an enjoyment, I want a light movie just like this. There is emotion but not too heavy.

From Left: Margo, Agnes and Edith.

With a lot of animated movie, I thought this is another product from Pixar/Disney. But it is a Universal Studios animation that uses a little budget. At US$ 69 M, I believe it is a success for them. Even though I watched it with a normal screening, with my little imagination skill, I believe you will be more entertained if you watched it with 3D glasses. There even put 3 extra scenes at the end with some techniques that I believe will be much more meaningful if we used 3D glasses. But for 3D screening, there will be no subtitle and for me it will be hard to understand. Well, I don’t think I have the opportunity now because it is almost the end of the show period of this movie. So many other stories entering the market now like Salt, Inception, Chloe and incoming Air Bender.

Well, usually we hope that a movie does not disappoint us if it is for paid tickets. Then the paid ticket is useful as we feel the satisfaction. In the end, I still can laughs if we talk about the movie again with my friends. I even smiling if I just think about the movie and Agnes and also the minions. I feel, I wanted to watch the movie again. But never mind, I have to wait for some time. If you ask for me to rate it, I will give it 4 out of 5. That means you will get the value for you ticket, nice pictures, nice sound and good to watch in cinema. I believe the rate will be 4.5/5 if you watched it in 3D. Even with the normal screening, I can imagine how 3D going to be. It’s great. Okay, that’s it for now. Thanks Gru, Margo, Edith, Agnes (I love you) and Vector (mathematical term that I understand). You cheering up my mind.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Practical Epilogue

I have to compare many things to make a fair review of this training. First of all, my feeling. At the time I arrived at this site I came with enthusiasm. But it turns out badly as I dislike this site very much. I hated here. That what’s I have to learn. With so many advices, I can accept the fact how to live on in the future.

My ability. From shyness to speak with everyone now I am able to use telephone to speak with people that I have never known. Almost at the end of the training now I have the courage to confront with our PM to state the truth. I also able to manage hard labors to order them to do their work. Patience, this is important. Manageable, I have to be much more efficient in managing hard labor in the future. Honesty, I must be firm to stand on my honesty. Energetic, even though I’m not fit like others but I determined to finish my job.

Communication has increased significantly inside me. The differentiation has been reduced. The prejudice also decreased between Chinese, Indonesian and other workers. I have to respect them to gain knowledge from them. Be as humble as you can but keep your head high.

There are huge difference between academic world and practical world. I think the practical world does not respect much to the person in academic world. So I determined to be a half-half of this situation. So I can be the liaison of both worlds. With this connection we can expand the knowledge and we can also improvise the technical ability in a project. So both worlds can benefit with very good collaboration between them.

Well, not many technical things that I have learn. Everything is subjective. Depend on what I have been through; it is on me whether to look at it emotionally, educationally, experientially, or any other else. As far as I’m concern, emotion has taken much part of it. However I knew I have learned something that I did not even realize about it. Well, just be it. As I finishing this entry, it is already 4 weeks after our training. Much of them like confidence, determination and willingness have decreased tremendously as we started being push in academic world. With IDP, FYP, Business etc make us too hectic as we (at least, me) couldn’t remember what I have been through last 2 months. That’s all from me. The training has ended and the real world is about to come in just about 4 months. Wish me luck.

p/s: Finally, entries about my training has come to an end.

Allahumma Yassir, Wa La Tu’assir. Rabbi Tammim Bil Khair.