Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Emotional And Perceptional Tendency

I don't know which title is suitable for what I'm going to write right now. Generally I just want to share what is going on with our emotion and perception. Just for a simple case, let say you are sad when you heard about Steve Jobs death, but you became even sadder after watching numerous photos and videos shows people grieving and crying on his death. But at actually, you are not that sad though. Just an example.

I do believe, most of us will go through several photos or poster that have few words or sentences written on it. The message are more likely to be inspirational. Such unique and tongue twister perhaps might got you struck by some feeling "Yeah, this is right". For example, please look at picture below;

 Courtesy of Google, just search Inspirational Quotes, you are going to found this, InsyaAllah.

Yeah, what are you thinking right now? Nothing, maybe this is not suitable inspirational quote for you at this moment. But for me as I try to find a picture, once I read the sentences, something struck in my mind. Yeah, that's true. If we are already on the right path, but not moving forward, so what is the use ea?

So most of the times all these words with beautiful background picture actually decides what our thinking going to be. Usually, the words used are not straight forward. They triggered the mind to think of it, quite deep or at least just understand on the surface. But however, if you find it useful, never mind and please proceed. This will always keep you running and performing with those positive mentality with inspiration in a full tank.


But, unfortunately, there are still posters/pictures with word are NOT ENTIRELY TRUE, but once the sentences are not straight forward, our mind is easily fooled. In the end, we concluded, "Yeah, this is right". So, the tendency of our perception and emotion are still weak. We might agreed with irrational soft words and then sink with them.

Just I wanted to stay, defend your stand. Not every posters/pictures with words are true. Don't you always agree and fall with it. Be tough, and be much stronger person. You can be much better than those words explains. Good luck guys, and again, be tough!!!


Puss In Boots

Made it, finally. Despite the total cost incurred for me to watch this cute movie, I really enjoyed my moment being in cinema. My focus is just wanted to relax a bit after a hectic day. It’s a bit relieved with the total cuteness offered in the movie. JJJ

A spin-off from Shrek series, Puss In Boots (PIB) bring us in focus with the self-titled movie. That orange cat, who is well known as Puss In Boots even though he has several other nick names. In term of the animation technology, I believe it can’t match Tintin Adventure. It seems they already arrived at the end of the technology advancement, I just assume this. They suppose to consider the cost of a movie and also project their possible income. Thus it is possibly an optimum situation available to produce such standard quality and then to rely on the cuteness of PIB. Nevermind, it is still on par quality with other animation movies. They must focus on 3D showing right now.

Put aside about the animation technology, now about the story. Should I write here about the storyline? Probably not because I don’t want to spoil your chance to watch it with surprise (not so surprising actually, but still ok). Since before, PIB just a supporting character for Shrek, to provide several funny moments. But I do believe there are much more funny side in Shrek. In PIB movie, he is the center of the story. There’s a lot story of Puss to tell to us, his history, his origin and also how it happened that he got that pair of boots. Nice and sweet moment and also grudge were included in the theme. You might want to revise some fairytale of Jack and the beanstalk plus Humpty Dumpty as well. You will go through PIB with some confusion perhaps, but well that is the formula from Dreamworks movie, mingle up those fairytale stories well.

Okay, the characters. First, of course, Puss In Boots. I kept smiling in reminding of him. Cute cat, and of course every cat featured in the movie all are cute. Next, surprise package of Kitty Soft Paws, the ‘women’ in the movie. And also, Humpty Dumpty as the PIB old friend. You must see yourself how the story develop between these three. It just another story for me, but enjoyable. When there’s a serious and sentimental moments, I fell too deep in this story. It seems that I don’t believe a cat has a story. Hahaha.

Well, for a cat lover like me, I really like this movie. So much. I just enjoy every moment being with Puss In Boots and Kitty Soft Paws and other cats as well on the big screen. Just bring the satisfaction to my inner self. Upon returning home, I immediately hugged my Meow (cat). Hehe.

Thumbs up, please enjoy the movie. Recommended to those who are seeking light movie and some funny movie.



Monday, November 28, 2011


I believe most Malaysian already seen the familiar face of one fan of Indonesian Football team. He cried heavily after the match between Indonesia U23 and Malaysia U23 which ended Malaysian earned the gold medal for football sport in South East Asian (SEA) games. Yes, we probably smiled and laughed looking at this lad’s face. Cry baby, and in pacifying rhythm to him.

Yes, he cried. And I do feel how that lad feels. Only is I did not let my tears come out of my eye. Well guys, look how our U22 team beaten by Bahrain last night. We were up 2-0 earlier only to see our team outclassed by 10 men Bahrain at the end of the game. 3 goals in between 5 minutes just enough to get my heart broke apart.

That’s it. When at the earlier stage of the game, we thought 3 points already in our grasp and the chance to qualify for next year Olympic game in London seems positive. However, thank to Allah as we got our first goal for Olympic Qualifier through a beautiful goal from 17-years-old Nazmi Faiz. Then in 2nd half, came Mahali Jasuli’s unique goal to make us hopeful of winning that game. But unfortunately, Bahrain ‘s answer is with bicycle kick goal from the Bahrain player. Then came that left foot free kick goal which we already feel so sad. Less than a minute later, came again a goal which completely destroyed the Malaysians hope that night.

Now I know how much the sadness inside of the Indonesian earlier this week. With their early 5th minute goal, it seems they are going to win that encounter. But half an hour later, Asrarudin from Malaysia scored the equalizer. To make the situation worse, the match entered the penalty shootout. It invited much heart thumping to most spectators. With high expectations, however the Indonesian team loses the game. Malaysia retains their previous gold medal by winning this match

Enough about that game, I still disappointed about yesterday match between Malaysia and Bahrain. I believe it will be remembered by most Malaysian. Even worse, the match were seen live by my brother and his son. Their first ever stadium experience ended with Malaysian loses the match. But however the beliefs of Malaysian should be maintained as I believe Malaysian will grow even stronger next time. The generation of Safee Sali and Safiq Rahim is the opening generation to give Malaysian hope. Next come Baddrol Bakhtiar and co. to give us confidence in the continuation of the football nurturing. As we see them, there is Nazmi Faiz. The bright young talent in the midfield position. That 17-years-old will definitely promise us something. Just only thing is we hope that some other players will follow his uniqueness and also his determination.

In conclusion, kudos Nazmi Faiz, even we lose the game, I am happy to see you playing but unfortunately you are injured at the middle of the game. Never mind, come back stronger next time. Gambatte kudasai.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

PES12 Tournament On PS3

 Promotional Flier Of This Tournament

Well, I just accidentally aware of this tournament. With my mind at the meantime is very high in entering so many competitions. With the intention to increase my side income. Yes, it just another effort that I can think of. And normally I give up even before I try for it, just like previous contest or competition.

But not this time. As I saw a sight of a booth, with few LCD TV’s behind them, make me thought of something. So I approach that person and I am right, they are holding Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (PES2012)/Winning Eleven 2012 (WE2012) competition here in Wangsa Walk. Yeah, great opportunity. I register right away. But, I didn’t play with my XBOX 360 for over 3 weeks now. Let alone PES11. Yes, I don’t have PES2012 yet. But I believe the system between PES2011 and PES2012 is about the same.

Where The Tournament Took Place At Wangsa Walk (Courtesy From Irshad Zamani Photo)

So, I go back home and practice for a few matches. This time, I put harder situation on me as I am expecting tough fights tomorrow. Well, few matches training are not enough. Just let me feel comfortable with the control configuration. And I still don’t know their regulation yet. Whether we choose our team and also the formation going to be.

Sunrise on Saturday. The competition starts today. I thought about my friends who lived nearby and passionate about PES. Yes, I thought of someone. He is Irshad Zamani, my former friend during our SAMBEST days. But unfortunately his contacts is not in my phone. So I contact Abdullah Aiman for Irshad’s number. Yeah, I got his number from Abdullah Aiman.

Alhamdulillah, there is not so much obstacles. Irshad is willing to join. He deems this is interesting also. So I instruct him to walk-in and register at Wangsa Walk. He did it without hassle and Basle.  Yeah, at least I got a friend who will fight alongside me. But we fight for our own.

They said the briefing will start at 12 noon, but there are heavy delays as they want to gather as many contestants possible for this competition. I arrive at Wangsa Walk a bit later than 12 noon but nothing started yet. So, accompanied by my beloved ones and Irshad, we just train ourselves for one match on PS3. Later, we just window shopping while wait the organizer to get ready.

After a long wait, at 3.30 p.m. then only they announce the match draw. My name were at lower place. They randomize it but I believe they set those matches between adult and kids. So most of the match will meet one grown man and another kid from school. But there is a match between adult and adult. So Irshad will contest first with a form 1 student. He won with 4-0 score. That form 1 kid with his brother both loss their respective match.

Then after I wait a while, my turn come. Yes, my opponent is form 1 student. I shake his hand to respect my opponent. Later on we started our match. The regulation is unique, the pairing opponent must choose same team for this 1st round match. So we choose Real Madrid. Then with minor change in formation and team strategy we started our match. I scored first goal in the first half. As I try to focus in the second half, it become mush mo distracted. My opponent then scored his goal, So we are tied then until the match ended. They set it to be immediately enters the penalty shootout. After the heart pounding penalty shootout, finally I come out as a winner. But I almost lose my face to lose against that teen. Hahaha.

As we wait for the next match, we walk a while on our own. Then an hour later come Irshad turn. However his opponent doesn’t show up so he is declared as the winner. He then just have to wait for his last match of the day. Later on, my turn come again. This time my opponent is much little than the previous one. I don’t know which standard (darjah) he is currently study is. Even Irshad jokingly asking “Is there any other bigger(older) contestant available?”. Hahaha. Well, again I just shakes my hand with that boy. This is the kid that attract so much attention before. Having beaten much older person than him.

So we start our match. As this time we can choose our own team. That kid chooses Real Madrid and I with my familiar side, Manchester United. I think I forgot, I do familiar with MU but only on XBOX360, not PS3. My golden age with Playstation and PES have ended about 4-5 years ago. I did have precise freekick scoring ability, long-shot specialist and last-minute goal grabber. But these are my past. I don’t think I be able to achieve those skills again.

I do having my hard time with this little fella. Hahaha. I almost scored but that long shot just hit the cross bar. I just got a little chance to try on this kid’s goal post. However he found it harder to reach mine as I extensively uses defensive method. Eventually, I again enter penalty shootout session. There is one chance that if I scored, I win immediately. But I didn’t. and again, just another shot to make me as a winner but again, I failed. Few shot later, that kid save my shot and he become the eventual winner of our match. I congratulate him with despair. Haha. Well, it just a game though. Now I wasted my 7 hours and 5 ringgit for eventual oust. But the experience is priceless.

Go back to Irshad, I mentioned earlier that he has given a free win to proceed to the next match. Now, his opponent is much skilled. An adult and I believe that person also have a deep passion on PES. So before the match start that guy really concentrate on formation build up and also his strategy. Meanwhile Irshad just put some simple change on the formation. Irshad with Real Madrid and that guy with FC Barcelona. In real world we called it as El Classico. But too much surprise, Irshad won with a single goal margin. 1-0 the score but that is enough to humble that passionate guy. Supported with many of his friends but still a game must have a winner and a loser. I congratulate Irshad and he will enter the next round of the game tomorrow, Sunday. But it is unfortunate for me as I have another errand to fulfill tomorrow. I couldn’t accompany him.

Well, Irshad is completely deep with PES as I already fallen in love a bit on FIFA. Two biggest sect in football gaming industry. But now, I am neither expert in PES nor FIFA. I just play both game as I can. Well, finally I have been beaten with a little kid and I’m going back home. Thanks to my special ones to accompany me during the competition and again I want to heavily congratulate Irshad for his success today and wish him good luck for the next match tomorrow. Hopefully he will be crowned as the champion at Wangsa Walk and made him eligible to enter the final round at Mid Valley next week and eventually become as Malaysian representative to Hong Kong. And the dream never finish, hopefully he will represent Asia to the grand final in UK. Gambatte Kudasai Irshad.