Monday, July 20, 2009

Glory Glory Malaysia, Manchester United Boleh!!!

19 July 2009
1.09 p.m.

Glory Glory Malaysia, Manchester United Boleh!!!

Yesterday was my best day of my life in term of my interest. I got a chance to see Manchester United(MU) in action live before my own eyes. Several months earlier we hearing news of MU will come to Malaysia and I am flattered with that news. So I’m saving some of my money to go to the match. With my spirit was raised by some of my friend and I am committed to go there.

My friends and I only bought the lowest price tickets which are RM 58 and maybe equivalent with £10, it might so cheap at the eyes of UK’s peoples. Here I’m straightening up, actually with your so called £10; we might be able to eat for almost 20 times for 10 days span. It means that for those who are really wanted to go to the match but doesn’t have money they got to fasting for 10 days and saved up just only for that £10. What a currency exchange cruelty. He3.

Gratefully for me, I can get both. Alhamdulillah both eat to survive and watch the game. I think MU should be grateful with the fan base they accepted here even though the tickets were not sold out but the empty seats are only at the highest price. The other parts of the stadium were filled with red devil fans.

Amazing part is that was my first time watching live match at the stadium. The mission of mine to go there was to observe the atmosphere of football match. The things that I’ve found were the sound of supporters is much the same within the video game. The flashes at the supporters’ stands come from their cameras not made by the stadium itself. The sounds of supporters actually not a same pattern because I heard what are they screaming for. I also excited because of I’m a part who made the Mexican wave at the stand. The horn that they made was so noise even if I wanted to speak to Hafiz who sits beside me I’ve got to scream. The best part is I come to the stadium with my other 7 friends and that is a lot of friends.

To achieve all the energetic moment, we facing so many obstacles to reached that satisfaction. First of all, because Afiq was still eating, he was left behind from our line. Since he bought the ticket just two day earlier, he must to enter from violet gate with Mail. The rest of us must enter from yellow gate but since Mail was between us so he can enter with us through the same gate. Then Afiq couldn’t pass through that gate so he must cross other part of stadium to enter. We got to left him and wish that we can meet in the stadium. At the other checkpoint, we must show our ticket at the guard and this time Badri who the one got to face it. His ticket was taken by the guard at the first gate. So he cannot enter the stadium. We only meters away from our seat. What a challenge for us. Badri then go to the gate try to asking his taken ticket and meanwhile for me, Hafiz, John and Mail got to enter to book our seats. So we wait for patience at our seats and grateful to God, Badri’s problem was solved. The guard still keeping his tickets and he can pass through. Sad for Afiq, he got to watch it alone at the other side of the stadium. So seven of us which are Adli, Hafiz, Daud, John, Adam (a Liverpool fans who said that Michael Owen is a traitor), Badri and Mail here seating patiently for the game.

As the matter of fact, we entered the stadium at 3.00 o’clock. It is barely two hours and half before the kick off. It is too early but yet, the RM 98 seats were filled with red sea of peoples. So many people can be patient and enthusiastic about MU but not to other things that much important to themselves like solat. At some point before the match starts, there somebody who walks around the field and peoples start screaming. Maybe they just scream because I didn’t even know who the man who walks is. Then after waiting in hot and sweat, Malaysian players started to enter the field for warming up. The crowds screaming again. Since I’m not really knows who plays for Malaysia so I don’t mind to recognize them. Later the MU players entered the stadium for same purpose and the crowds screaming even louder including me. I’ve tried to look at their face but so bad they are too far and I also couldn’t recognize who they are. At this point I started thinking that watching this match live in Astro is much better than come here.

Few minutes later, the kick off is about to start. Then I know my thought was wrong. The feeling of watching the match live at the stadium is so much different in watching in TV. You got a close perspective even though the TV shows complete coverage but the feeling watching football in front my very own eyes is very best. I can see all the players who started the match with their shirts on. At our side of goal there are Edwin Van Der Sar, he is really tall. There Rio Ferdinand pairing with Johnny Evans. At the left back Patrice Evra and at the right back Sir Alex Ferguson put John O’shea. Right wing, the void which Cristiano Ronaldo left to Real Madrid was filled by Darren Gibson at the meantime and at the left wing Nani who plays the role. In the middle is my favourite Paul Scholes is playing partnering with Anderson who uses his left foot a lot. At the front, it is my hero Wayne Rooney paired with Dimitar Berbatov playing to produce goals.

Well generally most of the audiences might think about goal feast from MU so here they come barely ten minutes of play, Rooney scores. I’m a bit sad but I’m not celebrating it very happily because you know, for MU it is not an impossible thing. But Rooney didn’t celebrate the goal. Why Rooney, why? Later Nani added a goal for MU makes it 2 goals in front. Here I’m satisfied because Nani celebrate his goal with his usual summersault action. I’m very happy at this time.

Well overall for Malaysian performance not so good. Their shots were weak and off to sea. But it is good, at the middle of the field, the Malaysians can avoid being fooled by the MU and they do the tricks on MU players. It is a good works boy. It almost half time and the magical moment come at the right moment. The Malaysian keeper, Farizal took a goal kick directly to Amri Yahyah but Evra couldn’t handle it wisely. The ball came off from Amri Yahyah chest and after a bump from the ball he took a powerful kick which made the ball lobbing over Van Der Sar and the ball hit the net. GOAL!!! We’re screaming like crazy because Malaysia been able to scores against the best club on the planet. Even only for scoring it is the best feeling you can get. I’m standing in adoration. Even my head was write Manchester United but the feeling you are Malaysian can’t be avoided even though you’re some fan of other clubs.

Shortly after that, the whistle goes off signaling for the end for the first half with 2-1 score while MU is leading. We are watching the replays through the big screen in front of us. Every one of us is happy but the fact that MU performance was drop also comes to my mind. I have another excuse, yes of course. I’m Mr Reasons. So if anyone asked me why this is happen so I will answer that Malaysia performances is improving. If any other club who takes on Malaysia such as Chelsea might be beaten easily with 3-0 scoreline. He3.

The second half then started. The keeper has been changed from Van Der Sar to Ben Foster to replace him. So much talked keeper who might be the best keeper for England some day. Few minutes later after they started the MU defense is giving a back pass to Foster but bad thing happen. Foster can get it in fact that it is an easy ball but at the same time Amri Yahyah chases the ball and finally he scores again. GOAL!!! Once again I’m celebrating with standing on my foot like the rest of the crowds. What a satisfaction for Malaysian who can get a draw at the mean time with MU!
This 2-2 score line goes on for a while and at one point the crowds saying “Owen, Owen, Owen” asking him to be played by Sir Alex. It might be also in his plan; Owen has been replacing with Wayne Rooney to take the role as a striker upfront. Here also I’m very happy because I’m a fan of Michael Owen as England striker. But he is not making so much impact. The result seems that MU will be blushes by Malaysian side with a draw but shortly before full time whistle, Owen with his trademark goal which comes from trouble in front the opposition goal was paid. He scores from a 50-50 try between Malaysian keeper and other player of MU that I’m not remembered. He took the chances and he will be happy to score the winning goal.

Some of us disappointed that Malaysia cannot hold the draw until the match end. But some of us hoping that Malaysia can win the match with just one other goal that did not happen. Finally the result ended with 2-3 with MU winning the game and this is a typical result and the only thing that the fans will be discussing around the world is why Manchester United cannot win with higher margin and also let Malaysian scores. But for us it is a satisfaction to watch a thrilled match between Malaysia and Manchester United and so much experience through it. If I have been given another same opportunity I will go again and I hope another time I will watch Manchester United match at Old Trafford. Or if the other opportunities come I will watch the Malaysian team beating Brazil or England and then crowned as the World Champion. Who knows?

But still I'm a bit disappointed. Due to cancellation of Indonesian, the oganizer wanted to have a rematch between MU and Malaysia XI. So our match yesterday was not very special. And I don't want to come anymore because of money and time limitation. Maybe next year. Good luck Malaysia for the rematch.

- Master Yoda -

Another Friday

19 July 2009
12.16 p.m.

Another Friday

Last week’s Friday, I’ve told you a story about a kid smashing a pair of glasses. However for this Friday, I’ve also encountered some special event if that can be called, happen to me. It seems like Friday will give me some sort of special occurrence of events so far. It means that I’ve faced something different from my usual daily routines.

One different thing was I got to prepare earlier than my other classmates to go to class. I have to because of I got to meet my former lecturer and also a friend of my sister to get a package containing CDs. So I have to walk to the faculty instead of riding my friend’s motorcycle.

At the entrance of my faculty, I saw two students; one of them wearing my ex-school ‘sampin’ and other wears a complete uniform of my ex-school with a tie. So I rushed to them and ended in front of the elevator. They went into that elevator but that elevator shows that they went to level 10. But I wanted to go to level 8 but I think it is okay to go down instead of climbing for the upper level. Since the courage to ask is high inside of me, so I followed them in that elevator.

I started to do the talking. “Are you a Sambest student?” They just nod their head. Then I asked again “so what are you doing here?” The only thing they can do is pointing at someone else in the elevator. It seems he is some sort of teacher but if he does I don’t even know him maybe because he starts teaching in my school after I’ve left.

“I just wanted to show them the environment of University’s life, to give them the spirit, passion and encouragement so that they can study even harder and smarter.” The teacher said. “Wow, but why it is just two of them? Are they some sort of best student?” I’m asking further. “Well, their recent result not so impressive so that’s why I’m bringing them here” the teacher’s answer. What a contradicting answer from my thoughts.

Then I confessed that I am ex-student from Sambest. “I’m also a student from Sambest”. “Oh, really?” the teacher seems amazed. Then he said shortly after the elevator’s door was opened “Okay come with me for a sec. Now I want you to say something to them to give them some encouragement to study harder to improve their result because well you know like I said earlier their result was so bad”. “What?” the thought in my mind just start speaking. I’m not even a good student and how can I give them some words regarding about studies? It just likes a joke to me. “Well, I think if Sambest students obtaining some bad result but I think they’re still good isn’t it? Because that bad result was only from Sambest administration perspective, right?” I’ve replied to the teacher. “No, they are going to take SPM for this year, so I hope you just give some words to them from a University’s student” the teacher still persuading me to do so.

“Okay, so you guys got to study harder because the SPM is an examination that wanted you to do so. After that you might be relieved because study not going to be the same. It seems much relaxing and not much pressure rather than you’re in it right now. If you still underestimate UiTM as your last choice you should think again because the fact that UiTM graduates go to work is high and you can success here and afterwards in your career.” I ended my short speeches to them. It seems that the teacher not satisfied because of the scope of my words might not suitable for school student so he asked me something that I couldn’t remember but it makes me added something that I think it is meaningful to them and to that teacher.

I admit that I always imagine if I have a chance to have a speech in front of my former school’s student I will say something will not be too much different than these. “The important thing is, if both of you are real students of Sambest which bringing along with you the Sambest’s qualities, not even survive, you can highly successful anywhere you go. I have so many friends from my batch get ANC and today in paper you can see our Ketua Umum; Annas Anuar obtaining some awards from his University. Generally, they will be successful if they take care and enjoying the Sambest’s qualities with them” some sort of thinking burst from my mouth.

Then the teacher facing the students and said “remember that, Sambest’s qualities. It is important”. So we are just about to dismiss but the teacher give me some test. “Ya Adli, kaifa haluka?” he asked. I admit that I’m a bit shocked but I quickly answered that with “Alhamdulillah, ana bilkhair”. “I admit as time goes on my Arabic deteriorate much quickly” another confession from me to that teacher. “Adli, do not waste your Arabic just like that. You must sharpen your knowledge in Arabic language.” Now I’m the one being ‘schooled’ from that teacher. “Okay, I will try among my other friends who have learned Arabic.” And that was my hope and wishes to improve my Arabic and Japanese at the same time. Later then I’m shaking hands with both students and the teacher and we go separate ways to our destination.

For me, what a Friday that was?

- Master Yoda -

The Square Root Of Three

18 July 2009
12.07 a.m.

The Square Root Of Three

I fear that I always be
A lonely number like root three
A three is all that’s good and right
Why must my three keep out of sight?

Beneath a vicious square-root sign
I wish instead I were a nine
For nine could thwart this evil trick
With just some quick arithmetic

I know I’ll never see the sun
As 1.7321

Such is my reality
A sad irrationality
When hark, just what is this I see?

Another square root of a three
Has quietly come waltzing by
Together now we multiply
To form a number we prefer
Rejoicing as an integer

We break free from our mortal bonds
And with a wave of magic wands
Our square-root signs become unglued
And love for me has been renewed

By: Kumar Patel

- Master Yoda -

Friday, July 10, 2009


10 July 2009
07.41 p.m.


Well, this is an interesting story to me. I admit that I am motivated with my sister’s writing about her experiences wherever she goes. This one directly comes to my mind to write it here.

Today is Friday. Usually we didn’t have any classes during the evening session. Unfortunately for this semester, there is a Mathematic class for the rest of this semester. But there is nothing to be sad about. We came here to study not to rest.

Since there is renovation works in progress at the University’s mosque, our neighborhood’s mosque is conducting Friday prayer. This is my first time for me to perform Friday prayer at this mosque. As well to prepare any eventualities, I’ve come out with sajadah in my hand. Hopefully I can get into that mosque.

Fortunately, I and Eb got a space at the back. Second last row if I’m not mistaken. So I put down the sajadah in front of me to cover my forehead. As usual, we are hearing the sermon from the Imam. In front of me, there was a kid with his father. I think he is as same with my nephew, Asytar in term of age. Ironically, his father also looks alike of my brother, the father of Asytar, physically yes.

The time has come. Everyone already stand up to start our prayer. With this father wanted to train his young to learn for pray to God. But at this condition, I don’t think that is suitable for that kid. The Imam already started and we as the ma’mum followed him.

Seriously I admit, with this kid in front of me I can’t concentrate on my prayer. To be playing in front of me, playing with my sajadah and pointing at me, “Why can you stand still little boy?” my mind starting to wander. I think the Imam feel comfortable in the air-conditioned prayer hall, he recite quite a long verse with a slow readings. While we at the back got to be patient and plus for me with this little boy.

Beside that kid, there was a guy might be as young as me. He put away his glasses in front of him at the sujud area like everyone did to put their belongings like car keys, watch and other things. During the second rakaat, the kid who feels bored clinging below his farther arm wanted to have a walk. Suddenly, he stepped on that guy glasses. What a fragile glass can stand? Even at the bottom feet of a little kid. The glasses smashed. I do think Eb who stands beside me also surprised with that event. A kid who might be nervous in his heart shakes his father to ask him to go back home at that exact moment.

“Oh, you’re so dead” my pray surely become of waste with that thinking. Nothing happen, well of course we are still in our prayer. The only things that the kid can do are ruku’ and sujud but if only he can stand still and qiam like others he might not get into trouble. The time goes on with my mind still wandering what will happen after this.

“Assalamualaikum warahmatullah” the first salam from the Imam. Everyone else followed. Then quietly I’m starting my individual do’a hoping the Lord to forgive me for what happen earlier in my prayer. And also at the mean time, the father of the little kid scolds him. The kid can only keep quiet. Once again, “Why can you be like this before?” my mind still wander.

But the magical moment come at that time. The father asked the guy whether he want to give him a replacement or money to pay him back. And only if you can look at this guy face which I believe he is concentrate in his prayer before (even though he still manage to realize his glass was smashed), only smiled. “Okay, it’s nothing. Well, kids.” the guy replied. The father can only ask his boy to ask for forgiveness.

I really adore that generosity of a guy to that little kid. If he is a student, he might get angry afterwards. Where he want to get at least RM300 to get a new one? Then, I stand up to get home. I’ve got to go early because I’m following my friend with his motorcycle. With a quick glance, I saw that little kid hold that guy hand and kiss his hand.

Everything ends peacefully. And for me? What a waste of Friday. I didn’t get enough time to have a lunch. A class afterwards tills evening and a not-counted prayer. O’ Lord, forgive me. I hope all of you did not blame me. Please, blame that father.

- Master Yoda -

Oh No. I Can’t Sleep.

10 July 2009
07.31 p.m.

Oh No. I Can’t Sleep.

Oh my God,
For three nights straight I couldn’t sleep,
Maybe it is hard to sleep at night,
After enjoying sleep during evening rest,
But the most painfully thing is,
Mosquitoes deliciously suck my blood out,
And I feel sore with it,
Are those mosquitoes already immune with poison?
Why they aren’t being dead?
Maybe they have a long life forward,
And for me,
I will struggle to sleep,
And I want to sleep,
Because I need to go to class with fresh mind,
And I hope I will get it sooner,
Please come to me,
I need a rest.

- Master Yoda -

What to Write?

10 July 2009
12.26 a.m.
What to Write?

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Alhamdulillah, here I am in a new semester for part 6 of Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering with one additional subject, well I presume you know why right. Well, that is not the point. I just want to write anything right now but my sister insists me to not become like any other plain individual out there to write about nothing. But today I have to.

This is just a warming up for my new life. Even though there are nothing big, but it seems I can sense something that I got to change. The force that tells me to write only came to me if there are any important things to do or at least more beneficial thing that I supposed to do. For today, I supposed to check on MAT 480 question that has been left behind and also with my timetable which I didn’t print it out yet. Eventually, I finished both duties before I am starting this post. Like usual, there must be an obstruction came to me. Somebody come to my room and we have a chit chat to ease him down. We have a same fate regarding last semester result.

He cannot accept it yet not like me and other friends. Maybe he already has an experience about this so the feeling of trauma came back to him. Then I slowly talk to him and ask him what are the most things he afraid of. Yes of course I have to ask him. I know nothing about this situation. The situation which is to take again the same subject we cannot passed during last semester. What to do? Which classes are free? What is next? Do I have to report to the office? All these things must be flying over in my mind. This is my first experience. I really needed it and for sure I don’t want it anymore.

But you might be asking why am I writing in the blog which everyone can read about this? (Well, not so many passing by to my blog. He3) Okay, even before the final exam for this paper I know that I couldn’t pass. That is why I didn’t feel any shocking heart at the first time I look at the result slip. The only job for me now is to do the best and struggle to pass. This is not my nature because at the past, I’m fighting to get A’s, not just only pass.

So I put away my Xbox 360 even though only my brother blames it on me (but I still keeping my PSP because there are no games can be played in it). I don’t think that video game which brought me into this situation. If it is true, I might fail other subjects and not obtaining any A’s. The fact is I got A’s for the half of the subjects that I took last semester. Clearly I don’t like that particular subject. For once I remembered Puan Zakiyah who taught me Mathematic twice has said that she used to let a subject fail and at the next semester she got an A for that subject. I might take it as my example but for this semester I must get A for that subject to follow her. This is a challenge for me.

Well my friend, failure is not a bad thing but not a good thing to keep it repetitively. We as human need remembrances for us to keep on forward in our life. I believe Allah knows the best and put us in this position for a good reason. At least for me who is weak in designing the structure can strengthen my understanding in this subject to avoid any structure collapsing event to ever happen again. And once again, only Allah knows the best, right?

- Master Yoda -

Friday, July 3, 2009

Apabila Adli Baik Berkonfrontasi Dengan Adli Jahat 2

Sejurus selepas itu...

Adli Baik: Kau ingat aku tak tau apa yang kau fikirkan tu ke?
Adli Jahat: Eh, kau tau ke? Macam mane kau boleh tau?
Adli Baik: Mesti la aku tau. Kita kan satu badan satu minda. Bezanya cuma aku ni akal engkau tu nafsu.
Adli Jahat: Kiranya kau tau lah ni. Habis tu, kau nak buat apa?
Adli Baik: Kau jangan la putus asa. Nak berubah ni memang ambil masa.
Adli Jahat: Hei, kau dengar sini baik-baik. Kalau kau nak Adli ni berubah, maksudnya kau nak menghapuskan aku terus la ni. Mana boleh! Aku akan kekalkan survival aku dalam diri ini.
Adli Baik: Bukan macam tu. Bukankah ada juga nafsu baik. Mungkin kalau kau berubah bolehah Adli ni ber'nafsu' untuk membuat kebaikan dengan lebih banyak lagi. Macam membaca buku ke, lebih banyak menulis dan berkarya ke, lebih stadi ke. Semangat yang ke arah itu la kita mahu.
Adli Jahat: Argh, persetan dengan semua itu.
Adli Baik: Mungkin kau tak mahu mendengarnya sekarang. tapi apabila masanya akan tiba, kau akan betul-betul memerlukan aku. Ketika itu semangat Adli ini sendiri yang akan berubah. Dan jika kau perlukan, aku sentiasa ada di sini sedia untuk membantu.

(Adli Jahat tidak mengendahkan Adli Baik langsung)

Adli Baik: Ingat tu. Jangan lupa.

Kemudian mereka pun berpaling ke arah bahagian masing-masing. Hanya menantikan, memerhatikan dan memandu pemilihan langkah hidup Adli yang kini baru bermula semester baru dengan penuh ranjau atas putaran kejatuhannya itu.

- Master Yoda -

Apabila Adli Baik Berkonfrontasi Dengan Adli Jahat

Adli Baik: Ape nak jadi dgn ko ni, asik main game je.
Adli Jahat: Biarla,aku pnye suke la nak main game ke, ape ke.
Adli Baik: Ish3,ko tak serik2 lagi ke, tgk kputusan ko ni.
Adli Jahat: Dah nak jadi camtu, nak wat camne lg.
Adli Baik: Ko berubahla, jadi elok skit.
Adli Jahat: Iyelah, tgk la camne nti. (Dalam hati: Peduli apa aku, ingat senang ke nak tukar)

Kesimpulannya, Adli Jahat telah mempengaruhi Adli sepenuhnya. Ke???

- Master Yoda -

Rabbani: Nawaitu

Antara Niat Dan Manis Bicara
Satukan Di Dalam Satu Denyutan
Di Mana Jiwamu Pasti Bahagia
Kembali Bersemi Insani

Lafazlah Setulus Hati Nurani
Bukakan Maksud Tersimpan Di Hati
Biarpun Pedih Menyeksa Naluri
Nawaitu Tuntutan Batin Suci

Usahlah Engkau Selindungkan Bayangmu
Renungi Asal Kejadian Dirimu
Berjalan Tunduk Bukan erti Kau Kalah
Tebarkanlah Serata Jiwa

Usahlah Engkau Persalahkan Kakimu
Andainya Rebah Di Bumi Mu Sendiri
Mungkinkah Ada Kesilapan Semalam
Lafazkanlah Sejujur Hati

Ketulusan Insan sejati
Mencerminkan Budi Pekerti
Kesungguhan Menyingkap Makhfi (Rahsia)
Kebenaran Diri Yang Suci

Hanya Jiwa Yang Tulus Mengerti
Kemanisan Nawaitu Hati
Ketenangan Dalam Mencari
Keredhaan DariMu Tuhan...Ku

- Master Yoda -

Saya Mungkin Menganggapnya Satu Kebetulan

Saya mungkin menganggapnya satu kebetulan, bila:

Sewaktu arwah Ayah baru saja meninggal dunia pada 3.45 petang Sabtu, 13 Mac 2004. Seketika kemudian di bilik mayat hospital menanti pelepasan jenazah Ayah saya untuk dikebumikan. Seusai semuanya, saya dan Andak berjalan keluar menuju ke tempat parkir kereta untuk pulang ke rumah. Jenazah akan dibawa oleh van jenazah. Ketika itu juga langit gelap hendak hujan. Ketika itu juga Andak berkata “Tengoklah, langit pun gelap nak hujan. Inilah orang kata orang baik ataupun bijak kalau mati bumi turut menangisi dengan hujan,”. “Oh, ye ke? Tak sangka pula dunia nak mengangisi juga kematian ayah” balas saya. Tapi dalam fikiran saya ini mungkin kebetulan saja. Mungkinkah?

Saya mungkin menganggapnya satu kebetulan, bila:

Beberapa minggu selepas Haji Jalal meninggal dunia, Mak dan juga Wan Adib (Mak Siti panggilan saudara saya yang lebih tua) merancang untuk melawat seorang jiran yang baru sahaja selesai menjalani pembedahan di kepala. Ketika menunggu Wan Adib datang ke rumah, saya duduk agak tersorok. Sebaik ternampak kelibat saya, Wan Adib terus berkata “Ada Adli rupanya”. Mungkin risau jika melihat tiada siapa yang menemani mereka berdua untuk berziarah itu. Tapi Mak memilih untuk berjalan kaki walaupun saya tahu jaraknya agak memenatkan bagi warga manusia yang seusia dengan mereka. Maka kami berjalanlah berempat pada mulanya dengan orang gaji Wan Adib itu memimpin dia dan saya pula memimpin mak saya. Sampai sahaja di rumah pak cik tersebut, Kak Su orang gaji Wan Adib pun terus pulang. Saya kebingungan. Memikirkan bagaimana hendak memimpin dua orang tua ini nanti kalau mahu pulang. Selesai berziarah, saya memimpin keduanya untuk pulang ke rumah. Memang lega, kerana langit pun meredupi laluan kami. Yalah, keluar rumah sebentar tadi masih pagi. Kini hendak pulang ke rumah semula matahari sudah meninggi mengikuti syarat di tengah hari. Di pertengahan jalan, Kak Su ternampak kami dan beliau mengambil peranan untuk memimpin Wan Adib dan saya semula dengan mak saya. Sebaik sampai ke rumah, langit kembali terang. “Fuuh, nasib baik. Sampai rumah je barulah terang balik. Kalau tidak panas berpeluh kita ni mak,” kata-kata saya untuk mengisi ruang bicara. “Itulah, Tuhan sayang pada kita. Ditolongnya redupkan jalan pulang,” balas mak saya. Tapi dalam fikiran saya ini mungkin kebetulan saja. Mungkinkah?

- Master Yoda -