Monday, July 20, 2009

Another Friday

19 July 2009
12.16 p.m.

Another Friday

Last week’s Friday, I’ve told you a story about a kid smashing a pair of glasses. However for this Friday, I’ve also encountered some special event if that can be called, happen to me. It seems like Friday will give me some sort of special occurrence of events so far. It means that I’ve faced something different from my usual daily routines.

One different thing was I got to prepare earlier than my other classmates to go to class. I have to because of I got to meet my former lecturer and also a friend of my sister to get a package containing CDs. So I have to walk to the faculty instead of riding my friend’s motorcycle.

At the entrance of my faculty, I saw two students; one of them wearing my ex-school ‘sampin’ and other wears a complete uniform of my ex-school with a tie. So I rushed to them and ended in front of the elevator. They went into that elevator but that elevator shows that they went to level 10. But I wanted to go to level 8 but I think it is okay to go down instead of climbing for the upper level. Since the courage to ask is high inside of me, so I followed them in that elevator.

I started to do the talking. “Are you a Sambest student?” They just nod their head. Then I asked again “so what are you doing here?” The only thing they can do is pointing at someone else in the elevator. It seems he is some sort of teacher but if he does I don’t even know him maybe because he starts teaching in my school after I’ve left.

“I just wanted to show them the environment of University’s life, to give them the spirit, passion and encouragement so that they can study even harder and smarter.” The teacher said. “Wow, but why it is just two of them? Are they some sort of best student?” I’m asking further. “Well, their recent result not so impressive so that’s why I’m bringing them here” the teacher’s answer. What a contradicting answer from my thoughts.

Then I confessed that I am ex-student from Sambest. “I’m also a student from Sambest”. “Oh, really?” the teacher seems amazed. Then he said shortly after the elevator’s door was opened “Okay come with me for a sec. Now I want you to say something to them to give them some encouragement to study harder to improve their result because well you know like I said earlier their result was so bad”. “What?” the thought in my mind just start speaking. I’m not even a good student and how can I give them some words regarding about studies? It just likes a joke to me. “Well, I think if Sambest students obtaining some bad result but I think they’re still good isn’t it? Because that bad result was only from Sambest administration perspective, right?” I’ve replied to the teacher. “No, they are going to take SPM for this year, so I hope you just give some words to them from a University’s student” the teacher still persuading me to do so.

“Okay, so you guys got to study harder because the SPM is an examination that wanted you to do so. After that you might be relieved because study not going to be the same. It seems much relaxing and not much pressure rather than you’re in it right now. If you still underestimate UiTM as your last choice you should think again because the fact that UiTM graduates go to work is high and you can success here and afterwards in your career.” I ended my short speeches to them. It seems that the teacher not satisfied because of the scope of my words might not suitable for school student so he asked me something that I couldn’t remember but it makes me added something that I think it is meaningful to them and to that teacher.

I admit that I always imagine if I have a chance to have a speech in front of my former school’s student I will say something will not be too much different than these. “The important thing is, if both of you are real students of Sambest which bringing along with you the Sambest’s qualities, not even survive, you can highly successful anywhere you go. I have so many friends from my batch get ANC and today in paper you can see our Ketua Umum; Annas Anuar obtaining some awards from his University. Generally, they will be successful if they take care and enjoying the Sambest’s qualities with them” some sort of thinking burst from my mouth.

Then the teacher facing the students and said “remember that, Sambest’s qualities. It is important”. So we are just about to dismiss but the teacher give me some test. “Ya Adli, kaifa haluka?” he asked. I admit that I’m a bit shocked but I quickly answered that with “Alhamdulillah, ana bilkhair”. “I admit as time goes on my Arabic deteriorate much quickly” another confession from me to that teacher. “Adli, do not waste your Arabic just like that. You must sharpen your knowledge in Arabic language.” Now I’m the one being ‘schooled’ from that teacher. “Okay, I will try among my other friends who have learned Arabic.” And that was my hope and wishes to improve my Arabic and Japanese at the same time. Later then I’m shaking hands with both students and the teacher and we go separate ways to our destination.

For me, what a Friday that was?

- Master Yoda -

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