Saturday, December 25, 2010

Walimah Basyeer. Tahniah Sahabat.

Disinilah berlangsungnya walimah Basyir tengah hari 25-12-2010 (Dewan MPS)

Perkahwinan sememangnya mengujakan bagi pasangan lelaki dan perempuan. Itulah fitrah kehidupan dan pada tanggal 10-12-2010 lalu, sahabat kami Basyir telah selamat bernikah dengan pasangan pilihannya di Perlis. Tahniah dan selamat pengantin baru bagi Basyir dan pasangan. Semoga kalian beroleh ramai anak dan cucu dan berbahagia sehingga ke akhir hayat.

Yeah, tapi itu cerita dua minggu lepas. Kali ni (25-12-2010) turn Basyir punya bahagian pulak untuk berkenduri kendara. Maaflah, takdelah kami ni datang menanggah (a.k.a. merewang) tapi kami datang dengan niat yang ikhlas untuk memeriahkan majlis, meraikan sahabat mula untuk berumahtangga. Memang kami tidak nampak seramai mungkin rakan-rakan sefakulti di sana. Tapi kami, sahabat seperjuangan rumah sewa dan dikalangan kami adalah yang sudah mengenali sejak dari pengajian diploma lagi. Jadi nilaiannya amat tinggi.

Antara kami adalah saya, Syuk, Eb, Joe, Hamiz, Hafiz, Ikhwan, Aok dan beberapa lagi. Setiap kami semestinya ada perspektif sendiri terhadap Basyir dan perkahwinannya. Maklumlah, masing-masing agak rapat. Dengan Eb yang seperti tidak dapat menerima hakikat rakan kami ini sudah berkahwin. Terasa baru semalam bergurau senda bersama di ruang tamu di rumah Jalan Iridium. Joe yang sanggup turun dari Ganu, merasakan dia sememangnya mesti menghadiri majlis ini. Katanya 'Rakan sebantal, sepinggan, seruang tamu dan sering merasakan susah senang dan gelak tawa bersama'. Memang tak dinafikan mereka berkongsi ruang tidur di ruang tamu. Jadi sentiasa ada usrah di malam hari diantara ahli-ahli majlis ruang tamu.

Yang lain-lain, tidak tahulah. Mungkin mereka ada perspektif sendiri untuk disimpan dan disemat dalam hati. Segala gelak tawa adalah untuk menghindarkan dari rasa terharu yang mungkin menggegarkan jiwa lelaki-lelaki ini dari menyebabkan meruntunnya air mata. Ok, baik. Bukan semua lelaki boleh senang-senang nak sentimental. Mereka semua perlu tabah, kalau lembik macam mana nak jadi ketua dan leader, betul tak?

Bagi sayalah, pun tiba-tiba teringatkan masa masing-masing menyiapkan kerja-kerja IDP. Boleh rujuk kesusahan IDP dari perspektif saya di entri-entri yang lepas.Di sini dan sini. Teringat semula bersama menunjukkan Basyir bagaimana mengira Earthwork di ruang tamu. Di mana lagi. Dan setiap satu memori bersama-sama yang tercipta. Dan untuk Basyir, satu episod baru dalam hidupnya sudah bermula. Semoga berbahagia selalu dan mesra sehingga akhir hayat. Amin. Barakallahulakuma.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Achievements Achieved

I’m feeling proud enough at least upon my own self. Well, I believe no one will be proud of me because of this. Moreover they might feel weird looking onto what I’m about to write. Nevertheless, I still want to enjoy this moment and let the feeling flow in my vein. This is my new achievement ever as far stretching back up to two years before.

Again, this is about video game. Let me explain. I believe both XBOX360 and PS3 will offer certain achievements when something were done in-game. This achievements doesn’t really important for the game progress actually. Like scoring a goal in FIFA 11 and then player will obtained 5 G for example for their reward as they unlock the achievement. And the achievement can be unlocked only once. And there are 49 other (usually) achievements ready to be unlocked. The total G for a game is usually 1000 G. Every achievements unlocked will offer various amount of G. These achievements cannot be unlocked (usually again) if the player uses cheats to help them during the game progress.

Guess what, for the first time ever in these 2 years long I have finished one whole game achievements with 1000 G amassed along the way. Again, this is for the first time ever I have unlocked 50 out of 50 achievements offered in a game. The game is Civilization Revolution. Well some people know that I’m really into this game. FYI, Civ Rev is not just a game. Civ Rev is the escape tool for me who does not play chess really well. Plus there are so many information and facts that I really love to read with the in-game Civilopedia. With so well game system, simple and logic with the actual facts of Civilizations of the world such as Arabic, German, Aztec, Japanese and so many other, these things make the game really interesting. I admit, just few of my friend know how to play the game. Otherwise, most of them will give up and abandon the game.

Well now I just want to write the achievements. There are 4 final achievements that I just unlocked during these two days. On my first thought, I think I wouldn’t be able to unlock these achievements. One because I cannot detect the parameter to be accomplished and the other three were just simply looks like impossible to be done.

However my determination rose really high when I sat quietly and think. In my mind, I want to try to finish one achievement which challenges me to finish the game before 1000 A.D. (Anno Domini years). I always thought this is totally impossible for me. The earliest ever that I have tried just about 1700 A.D. Then I determined to use Arabic Empire as they got attacking bonus. Unfortunately, I couldn’t reach the other opponents even it is already 1000 A.D. I try again but this time I changed to German Empire. They also got attacking bonus plus they will be upgraded automatically during the progress.

 With basic attacking unit I planned my attacking strategy. Attack and move forward. Rome was conquered, followed with Zulu. Then the army units were strengthens for a while to take an attack towards Egyptian empire. Yes, Thebes were taken and finally we are approaching Washington, the capitol of American Empire. With about 4 to 5 sets of army were ready at the edge of the boundary. Later I moved the unit towards the city and the city fell in my hand. Believe me, it was 800 A.D. and can you imagine what if this real world at 800 A.D., only one empire that controlling the whole world? It is about 1210 years before. Well, finally I achieved the ‘That We May Live in Peace’ achievement for winning under 1000 A.D. Yeah!!!

But not just that, without realizing it I have unlocked two other achievements. They are ‘Power Never Takes a Back Step’ for winning with just only one city were founded by me and another one ‘Absolute Power is Kind of Neat’ for winning without changing the government format. Well, as I progress to write this, for those who still stubborn to read until the end of this entry might get lost without understand a single thing. Poor you guys. Sorry. For those who played this game before, they might understand what I am feeling right now.

I’m sorry about it because for the final achievement I have to refer the internet first. However I already planned almost the same thing from what I have read from the internet. However I have implemented few tactics advised from the internet to unlock ‘Curse of the Drinking Class’ for making a city to achieved 200 resources production. Finally, all the achievements offered in Civilization Revolution were unlocked and 1000 G has been stored in my game achievement. Thanks Sid Meier, for developing this fantastic but simplified version of Civilization series. But sorry for not getting your latest game ‘Civilization V’ on PC because my PC system requirement does not even reach the game minimum requirement. Have to wait few years more I guess.

Well, do I have any reason to play Civilization Revolution again? No, but surely I will play it again because I’m CivAddict. Hehehe.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rooftop Parking Closed

Well, I’ve been to Carrefour Wangsa Maju twice already this month. First thing first, I often park my car or obviously my van at the rooftop parking. Even though the parking lot is open air and exposed to the sunray I still park my van over there. This is because I usually get a parking space easily over there. Plus the escalator is at the centre of the mall. So it makes me closer from parking to the shopping area.

However, earlier this month I cannot park over there anymore. The guard blocks the parking lot. So we have to park our vehicles at the enclosed area nearby. Well, it is obvious that our vehicle will be protected from sunray and rain however the entrance to the mall is much farther. I hate this situation.

There must be reasons why this is happening. I try to figure it on my own. The space is free to park before but why it suddenly closed? Just this reason makes me lost my appetite to go there for buying groceries or anything else. It is better for me to go to Aeon or Giant instead. Maybe there were structural failures that threaten the safety for visitors. Or maybe they wanted us to park at the enclosed space just to fill up the actual parking space. Well, I don’t like this situation. Really hate this.


Buat Sekelian Kalinya

Dengar-dengar result akan announce pada 10 hb Disember ni. Sama dengan tarikh pernikahan Basyir. Tapi kecoh la sekejap, ada orang dah dapat tengok result awal, 9 hb lagi dah dapat tengok. Antara manusia yang bertuah dapat tengok awal ni, Aok. Tahniah untuk bos aku ni. Mantap jugak result beliau. Dah tu, aku pun pegi la CC, nak tengok la jugak. Konon nak rilek-rilek dulu, tak nak tengok awal-awal. Tapi bile sudah ramai cenggini kecoh-kecoh, hati didalam pun jadi tak senang duduk.

Macam biasa nasib aku, kalau nak pergi tengok awal-awal ni, memang takde rezeki la nampaknya. Puas aku duk refresh page result tu, tak nak jugak dia kuar. Dulu menjadi jugak teknik ni. Dah sejam, malas nak bazir masa dengan duit, chow dulu. Tengok je la esok. InsyaAllah terus dapat tengok.

Jadi masuklah hari esoknya. Hari yang sebenar iaitu 10hb. Dah la mimpi dapat result tinggi. Ish, mimpi aku pulak biasanya terbalik dengan realiti. Hadoi. Setel semua urusan penting, terus la pergi CC semula. Cek dalam email, kecewa. Berbalik pada teknik asal, pergi ke website student portal. Tekan-tekan ID dengan password. Jeng jeng jeng, result pun tubik.

Erm, rasa macam taknak kelip pulak. Takdelah tinggi mana pun. Kurang sikit dari apa yang aku mimpi semalam. Yang pelik sebenarnye CGPA. Aku duk refresh page tu. Aku punya result ke ni? Cek balik nama, memang nama aku. Cek alamat, IC, student ID semuanya aku punya. CGPA ni macam bukan aku punye je.

Pelik macam mana pun, Alhamdulillah. Kelas Pertama la ikutkan. Cukup-cukup makan je. Aku ingat mustahil untuk dikecap sebab pernah jugak kira-kira secara kasar, kalau dapat 4 flat pun aku agak jauh lagi nak dapat level 1st class ni. Tapi mungkin sebab banyak subjek 4 kredit dan yang lain-lain 3 kredit jadi impaknya amat besar. Antara benda lain yang tak disangka adalah Resource Management.

Nak dijadikan cerita, macam biasa aku studi last-last minute je. Kena pulak last-last minute tu la aku kena demam yang agak berat. Nak studi sehari sebelum pun dah tak larat. Dah la tak stadi ape langsung. Start malam tu, cuba la baca sedikit demi sedikit. Baca sejam, tertidur sejam. Baca sejam lagi, tertidur sejam lagi. Rasa masa tu, macam tak boleh nak pergi je. Itu baru part teori je. Calculation tak sentuh apa lagi. Paper pulak stat pukul 2.15 petang.

Jadi dah nak dekat pukul 12 tengah hari tu, aku pun gagahkan diri untuk pergi mandi, siap-siapkan diri nak masuk exam hall. Habis mandi pukul 12.20. Aku ingat lagi sebab aku memang tengok jam. Nak tengok sempat tak aku review part-part calculation semua yang berkaitan tuh. Berbekalkan pertanyaan Hafiz masa awal-awal hari tu, dapat jugak aku flashback sikit. Benda-benda lain pun aku sempat la kilas-kilas gitu. Nak try wat soalan, memang dah tak sempat langsung dah. Bila dah masuk waktu Zohor, aku pun solat. Tunggu je la kawan-kawan lain bersama-sama nak pergi ambil last paper tu.

Masuk dalam hall, macam biasa. Exam hall ni macam fridge pun ada jugak rasanya. Sejuk gila. Aku ni dah la demam. Hingus berjijiran. Nasib baik bawak handkerchief. Yang jaga periksa tu pun tengok aku semacam je. Dalam kepala aku ni terus teringat kata-kata abang Jali, sepupu aku. Dia kata “Kalau kat oversea, kalau demam ke sakit ke time exam, pergi jumpa doktor, mintak MC. Pastu bagi MC tu kat lecturer dan dia akan consider kita punya sakit tu dan akan bagi markah extra untuk kesakitan yang dialami ketika exam tu. Pastu, boleh la dapat lulus pun jadi la”. Aku pun fikir nak lulus je time tu. Sejam sebelum habis exam, disebabkan sejuk sangat so aku pun keluar la awal. Dah tak tahan sangat dah kesejukannya. Tapi feeling habis exam time tu lagi best. Demam pun tiba-tiba nak kebah (Tapi tak kebah pun).

Dan hari ini, Allah adalah pengadil segalanya. Syukur Ya Rabb, dan terima kasih Miss Sheila kerana mengajar kami. Dapat juga A dan berbekalkan result yang tak diduga ini, aku terkedu. Cepat-cepat aku mesej akak nak ceritakan padanya. Terima kasih akak untuk segalanya. Perkara yang difikirkan mimpi semata tak disangka menjadi realiti. Memang ANC adalah yang tertinggi, namun untuk mendapatkan 1st class yang tak diduga ini menjadikan aku bersyukur sangat. Ramai lagi yang mendapat 1st class dengan senang lenang, namun mereka mungkin sedikit kecewa kerana tidak mendapat ANC. Dan aku bersyukur menjadi golongan yang gembira mendapat 1st class. Ibarat seorang anak yang mengharapkan PS1, tak disangka bapanya memberikan PS2, walaupun kat kedai sekarang dah ada PS3. Mesti anak tu gembira gila punya.

Erm, kalau nak cerita satu demi satu subjek, memang banyak jugak ceritanya. Hahaha. Tapi itu je la yang nak dihighlightkan kat sini. Macam match bola, bukan sepanjang perlawanan yang best. Dari tengok live, elok tengok je highlight EPL tu tiap-tiap hari Isnin. Lagi best. Semua aksi dengan gol je. Hahaha. Oklah, taknak panjang lebar. Solat Jumaat dah dekat. Ya, hari ni hari Jumaat. I Like Friday. Not TGI Friday. Buat sekelian kalinya, Alhamdulillah Ya Rabb.


Being ‘Bongsu’

Being ‘bongsu’ or last person born in a family is surely best thing for that person. Erm, mostly. Stereotype for being last person is they will always being comforted, pampered, given most attention and love, given most what they wanted and given things that they even didn’t want it. Yes, most of it is true. Honestly, I am ‘bongsu’ and I did experience those things. But, some from this writing will include some of my experiences being last child in my family. Even greater, I just realized that I am the last grandchildren of Sulaiman, my grandfather even I don’t have a chance to meet him.

Well, that is one disadvantage from lot of it, I couldn’t even see my grandfather. Well, all my siblings couldn’t have the chance because he died too soon, when my father was 9 years old. Being bongsu, since I was 13 I already prepared to face any circumstance of seeing so many people dies in front of me, literally. During childhood, it is surely happy being bongsu. But when they grew older and becoming teenager and later enter the adulthood, during this time they surely seeing the elders passed away. Given that they(bongsuers) live normally, not died at early age.

Bongsu usually are not independent. They need others to paved way for them and then they walk through it. It is nature, you cannot blame them however sometime later they will know how to survive. Not like sulong (first child), they have much more strong will to survive. I experienced so many things regarding this. It is hard to train myself to make a decision. Because when we did have a decision, so many errors occur and we were being scold because of it. Most of us afraid being the focus of public because we are afraid to doing wrong things like from the past. From my observation who is same type with me, they are not willing to participate in decision making issue.

 Somehow, with the advice, tips and stories from their older siblings make them see ahead of their future. This is the point where bongsu much more likely mentally prepared to have their own family compared to their same age colleagues. They didn’t see properties for enjoyment but rather to build their own future. Well, this is because they already enjoyed with the treatment from their older siblings citation needed. That is why they did not chase enjoyment seriously compared with their sulong friends.

Well, I’m sad for certain things being bongsu. First of all, seeing our beloved person dies in front of us. One by one, they left and I felt empty. It is not independent being bongsu. Have to rely on others too much. InsyaAllah, given sufficient time I can walk on my own. At the same time hoping that the elders still giving the hint, tips and advices along the way. Beside these, I am happy being bongsu. In fact, I am grateful being bongsu for whatever issue arises.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kelu Kesah Bersama Kak Esah

Em, tiada Kak Esah pun dalam entri ini. Saja letak tajuk macam tu sebab dah tak tau nak letak apa. Tapi tema tetap sama iaitu keluh kesah. Maklumlah, kerja tak dapat lagi. Lagipun, cari kerja pun tak buat lagi. Memang banyak kosong, banyak tempat cari ramai orang. Tinggal aku hantar resume dan pergi interview. Kalau OK, dapatlah kerja tu. 

Cakap pasal resume pulak, memang nak buat dah. Tapi computer telah merajuk maksimum. Sampai tahap tak boleh bukak. Jadi satu masalah pulak. Kena pergi CC nak siapkan resume. Takpelah. Buat sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi siap. Kesian dekat mak, semakin pressure bila la nak mula renovate rumah. Bila aku cakap nak pergi CC nak buat resume, mak mesti tak keruan. Sebabnya beliau nak hold aku dulu dari bekerja sampailah rumah ni siap ataupun kerja-kerja renovate dah mula start. Tapi dalam keadaan sekarang, maaflah. Memang mustahil nak tunggu rumah ni siap. Kalendar pun dah masuk 16/12/2010. Separuh kedua bulan Disember. Aku kena serius untuk mencari kerja kerana aliran wang keluar saja yang berlaku sekarang ni. Aliran masuk tiada.

Paling tension sekarang ni, computer tak nak hidup. Abang Cik rasa, Hard Disk aku dah nazak. MasyaAllah. Dia kata beli baru dan recover balik segala data yang penting. Anyway, nak beli yang problem. Katalah JPA berbesar hati memasukkan jugak duit Praktikal dan FYP yang aku dah claim tu, insyaAllah bolehlah diusahakan. Tapi bak kata orang, penantian itu satu penyeksaan. Lagipun pada mata mak, benda-benda ni urgent. Anyway, aku rasa sebab manusia sekarang dah semakin senang so nak susah sikit pun rasa macam susah betul. So usaha aku yang pergi ke CC ni diharapkan berbaloi.

Ish, lame rasanya tak menulis. Memang pun. Hilang sebelah sayap bila takde PC. Dahlah sebelah sayap lagi dah takde pasal takde internet. Ish.