Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Impression

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My impression is, scary at first. From small to big, simple to complex, relax to hectic, sparse to crowded,  and from simple community to complex community, these are what I feel, the changes in the working environment.

Actually, I’ve just got a new job which still in the same field and the same discipline. But there are many differences from small time player to big player, not me but the company. It’s quite a new experience for sure. So many things should be comprehended and understood which two different places have two different policies and working environment.

While in the workplace before, an engineer would take part in almost everything except in discussing and handling the fee or payment of the job. About money, for sure the boss would take the responsibility to get their fees and payment.  When the real issue is how to settle the problems and issues, boss first surely will explain and give an idea how to solve it and then it’s up to engineer (young inexperience engineer) to solve all the issues according to client demand and boss’ instructions.

It’s quite good actually, even though it was hard. Starting from getting the concept (usually from the architect) and then continued with several discussions to confirm the detail (e.g. building structural and infrastructure design), continued with getting the approval from the authorities, and then deep further in detailed design. Usually that is the extent of engineer scope of work in consultancy but to tell you the truth, the essence of a construction job in consultancy world is the ‘drawings’.

‘Drawings’ is what we produce. Design calculation? Most of them (client, architect, quantity surveyor, land surveyor, resident engineer and usually Contractor), don’t give a damn about it. For sure, our boss quite particular about design and it is compulsory to give a proof of calculation of the design. But unfortunately, those design calculation only appreciated among small circle which contains design engineer and his boss. Most of the time the authority would require a calculation report to comply with the submission checklist, but more often it were kept in their keep. Just to dig it up back in case the building collapse, only for obvious example.

Most of the time, the question towards us is “Where is the drawings?’. So they would neglect the time we needed to calculate and then design it according to the specification.  Sorry, my writing quite gone astray right now. Drawings were drawn by draughtsman. They will get information from engineer and then start to draw to fulfill the engineer instructions. Experienced draughtsman will understand what engineer wants and most of the time, less time needed to make some correction and amendment. But when the engineer is young, the draughtsman also new so it quite tough to handle any given project and to deliver on time. Sometime even the engineer got to hands on with AutoCAD, because the draughtsman doesn’t really understand what engineer wants.  It is already a success to finish a job which satisfies the boss and client but most of the time, no.  But we always try to become better right? Hehe.

Well, new world, new environment and new adventure. It was quite relax in the company before but quite strict in this new environment. So many differences and not to mention the pay as well. Live must go on. We have to quickly adapt with new environment for us to propel in the new adventure. Welcome new experience, I’m gonna embrace you tightly and absorb all the things that I truly going for and deserved it. InsyaAllah, amin.

P/s: It is almost like a dream come true. As I step outside the building, Times Square is right in front of me. Then, the old Imbi Plaza is on my left and next to it is Sungei Wang. If I turn around I can see Low Yat Plaza. It is a dream comes true. Yeah. Dream comes true for me at least. Haha.


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